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10 Lisbon shops you can't miss

With the Portuguese capital becoming an increasingly fashionable destination, it is important to know which are the best Portuguese boutique shops in Lisbon. 

The products available in international stores, even the most exclusive, are equal throughout the world. With this guide to the best shops in Lisbon, you are guaranteed to buy something unique in the world !!

From music, clothing, shoes, hats, beauty products and gourmet, most of these products are made by hand, using the knowledge that has been passed along the family, generation to generation. As the Portuguese saying goes, "what is national is good” !!

Companhia Portugueza do Chá

According to the History books, the Portuguese Queen Catherine of Braganza introduced tea to the English, in 1660.

It took just a few years for the British to go from finding this "flavored water" a strange custom, to making it the defining icon of their culture. 

The Companhia Portugueza do Chá is a store with more than 100 varieties of tea, favoring the tea plant leaf without any added preservatives. There are teas from China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and the Azores. The Portuguese Gorreana tea, is grown in the island of São Miguel, and is the only tea produced in Europe.

In addition to tea, there are teapots and porcelain for sale.

Rua Poço dos Negros, 123


Pimenta Rosa

Established in Campo de Ourique in 2008, Pimenta Rosa — in English, Pink Pepper — is a grocery store focused on the best Portuguese gourmet food products. 

Featuring a special purely vintage Portuguese decoration, you can find various kinds of preserves, oils, canned foods, sausages, and biscuits. Portuguese icons such Bordallo Pinheiro crockery and soaps from Claus can also be purchased here. 

This store became such a success that the owners decided to open a second store in Cais do Sodre, named Cais Pimenta Rosa. On the second floor of Cais Pimenta Rosa lies a collection of over 600 wines . .. All from Portugal, of course.

Check their website for more information as they have regular show cooking demonstrations and tastings for the public. 

Pimenta Rosa

Rua Francisco Metrass, 2A

Campo de Ourique


Cais da Pimenta Rosa

Travessa Corpo Santo, 15


Sapataria do Carmo

One of the oldest and most emblematic "handmade shops in Lisbon", Sapataria do Carmo was founded in 1904. 

Located in Chiado, in the heart of the city, the letters in iron, the velvet sofas and old numbered boxes are the ideal environment for choosing a pair of classic top quality shoes, all hand and custom made by the best national shoe craftsmen. 

Sapataria do Carmo belonged to the Paulo da Cruz family for over 3 generations, having been sold in 2012 to a group of four young entrepreneurs, all from the same family. They brought a new glow to this charismatic store in Lisbon.

Largo do Carmo, 26


Chapelaria Azevedo Rua

It is the only store in Lisbon specialised in selling hats, with its history starting in 1886 with Manuel Aquino Azevedo Rua. He was a wine producer from Porto who was forced to leave the terraces of the Douro because of the devastation caused by the phylloxera plague. 

With family borrowed money, he came to Lisbon and founded Azevedo Rua hat store, since at the time the hat was a mandatory piece in men's clothing.

All of the hats are still produced in-house and after all these years, are still recognized for their quality. Reportedly the poet Fernando Pessoa was a loyal customer of Mr. Azevedo Rua !!

From the 80’s onward, the store also started producing hats for ladies with the business being run now by the 5h family generation.

Praça Dom Pedro IV, 73


Casa das Velas do Loreto

Known for its handmade candles since 1789, Casa das Velas do Loreto is located atop of Lisbon’s fashionable Chiado district, where you can still feel the deep scent of craftsmanship. 

The selection is quite as breath taking as the aroma of citrus, roses, and pomegranate that was burning when I first visited this little wonder. The different dark brown tones of the wood that completely line the shop assert for its bespoke and warm welcoming identity.

Rows and rows of rainbow colored candles come in an assortment of shapes and sizes depending on the season and what is being currently produced.

Rua do Loreto, 53


Kolovrat 79

Kolovrat 79 is the clothing store and workshop of Lidija Kolovrat, a fashion designer from Bosnia living in Portugal since 1990. 

She studied film, textile and fashion design in Zagreb before it became the capital of Croatia. These influences are reflected on her designs and on the multidisciplinary space Lidija calls a shop. 

Set in an old bakery, near the Príncipe Real garden, you can find unique pieces of the Kolovrat brand ranging from clothing to accessories and home decoration. The brand and its production is based on traditional techniques, idealizing exclusive products according to the needs of each client.

The patterns and striking stampings are inspired by the symbols of Portuguese culture.

Rua Dom Pedro V, 79


Discoteca Amália

Discotheque Amalia, on number 272 of Rua Áurea, is an authentic Fado Music temple !!

The location of this shop can be identified by the loud fado music that is played in loudspeakers at its doorstep: it can be heard throughout the whole street.

Named after the Queen of Fado and renowned international artist, Amália Rodrigues, it boasts one of the largest and most complete Fado Music collections in Portugal. Featuring Mariza, our new Fado Queen, Carminho, Cuca Roseta and Carlos do Carmo just to name a few.

Rua Áurea, 274


Mini by Luna

In the shop with a garden founded by Araceli Piqué, a Spaniard woman who fell in love with Lisbon, you can find clothes and accessories for children and women, as well as toys and items for home decorating.

The careful selection of brands of Mini by Luna mixtures Nordic influences, the industrial style of the Soho district of New York, and Parisian class.

For women, there are are brands such as ba&sh, TCN, and Leon&Harper and for kids Bobo Choses, Tocoto Vintage, Babe&Tess.

Rua Dom Pedro V, 74



Created by two Dutch ladies and located in Chiado, Skinlife is a boutique dedicated to beauty.

It boasts a collection of fine and exclusive brands of perfumes, make-up, cosmetics, and hair. Products coming from the four corners of the world are free from parabens.

The store also offers the Spa City, where one can be treated with Rodial products, with SkinLife holding the exclusivity in Portugal to use the products and protocols of this brand.

Treatments range from massages to face and body treatments, as well as advanced cosmetic procedures.

Paiva Andrade Street, 4 — 4A


De Castro

The De Castro Shop works as an extension of the De Castro restaurant, owned by renowned Portuguese Chef Miguel Castro e Silva and located in the Praça das Flores.

This project was born to answer the frequent desire of restaurant customers seeking to buy many of the products they had experienced during meals at De Castro.

The store offers gourmet products with the signature of the chef, but also other carefully chosen by him. Wines, gins, sausages, cheeses, preserves, jams or biscuits wafers are some of the products sold.

Praça das Flores, 46


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