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10 restaurants you can’t miss in Rio

Rio is synonymous with samba, carnival, bossa nova and beach. But that’s not all !! Food also has a key role in Rio, with many tempting restaurants, from the more traditional options to avant-garde cuisine !! Food is at the heart of Rio's culture, with an enviable variety of fresh produce and a cattle ranching culture that makes this city a culinary destination worth exploring !!

Hosting the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio is in the spotlight now more than ever. Here are some suggestions of restaurants you should try so that you make the most of your visit to this city !!

Aprazível - Santa Teresa

This restaurant is located in the quiet neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, in the midst of tropical gardens and with a view over Guanabara Bay. In an old townhouse with careful and attentive service, this is a place where you can try dishes prepared with organic and national products, with a fusion of Brazilian (with an influence from Minas Gerais) and international cuisine. An elegant restaurant with a breathtaking view !!

Oro - Leblon

An exquisite restaurant inspired by Brazilian cuisine. With influences from various parts of the country, Oro promises a fun, creative and exciting experience !! Its excellent service and careful preparation make it an ideal place for a new and contemporary culinary experience, where even science plays a role. A must-have on a foodie’s roadmap, where you can even see into the kitchen and watch the chefs preparing the food !!

Zuka - Leblon

Another contemporary option in Rio’s gastronomy, combining the traditional charcoal grill with a more modern preparation. The haute cuisine on the grill is the calling card of this Leblon restaurant with an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The light and healthy food is prepared creatively by chef Ludmilla Soeiro, who can be seen preparing the restaurant’s specialities on the grill.

Sushi Leblon - Leblon

For those with an appetite for something a little different, Sushi Leblon is an excellent choice !! Located in the bustling Leblon neighbourhood, this is an upscale sushi restaurant. One of the preferred restaurants of Rio’s elite, it is a usual dining destination for celebrities. It is the ideal place to taste delicious sushi with creative combinations in an intimate space. This restaurant is very busy, so you may want to book in advance.

Brigite’s - Leblon

For those who love Italian food, Brigite’s is a restaurant with a bistronomy concept that combines classic Italian food with innovative influences from other regions. The creative cuisine of Chef Kiko Faria merges sophisticated dishes with a modern and welcoming environment. Besides careful wine pairing, this restaurant also has an extensive bar menu with amazing creations alongside beloved classics !!

CT Boucherie - Leblon

This is a restaurant in Leblon where meat is the hero. Inspired by the famous cattle market of Saint-Christophe-en-Brionnais in southern Burgundy, chef Claude Troisgros created this restaurant where meat is at its best. Serving only the best of Brazilian meat, from duck breast to kobe beef, the meat cuts served here will surely leave you wanting more !!

Lasai - Botafogo

Lasai is one of the world's best restaurants, with one Michelin star and an innovative and refreshing Brazilian cuisine. Chef Rafa Costa e Silva, former chef of the famous Basque Mugaritz, focusses on using seasonal ingredients directly from his farm and from organic markets, and on the quality of fresh produce. Lasai means "tranquility" in Basque, which is reflected in the restaurant’s philosophy. The tasting menus display the best ingredients of local production, and are complemented by the rustic and minimalist atmosphere of this fabulous example of new Brazilian cuisine.

Rubaiyat Rio - Jardim Botânico

For meat lovers, a visit to Rubaiyat Rio is a must !! Here, the well-known meats of the Rubaiyat Farm and the classics from São Paulo’s iconic Figueira Rubaiyat mediterranean restaurant come together in perfect harmony. The breathtaking views of Christ the Redeemer, together with the palm trees of the Botanical Garden, make this restaurant simply unique !! You can also enjoy your meal on the terrace with a Portuguese stone floor, overlooking the track of the Jockey Club. This restaurant also has a magnificent wine cellar with 5,000 bottles of wine from all over the world !!

Puro - Jardim Botânico

In the Botanical Garden neighbourhood, this contemporary Brazilian restaurant brings the freshest seasonal produce from markets and local producers to your table. With a unique and creative preparation, it offers an extraordinary experience, combined with its beautiful integration in the garden. Chef Pedro Siqueira has created a menu that reflects his childhood, but with some French influences.

Zazá Bistrô Tropical - Ipanema

A fusion restaurant with organic ingredients, only a few minutes away from the beach !! With a colourful and artistic decor and a terrace, it is a bustling and lively place. The menu, inspired by a passion for travel, has dishes and ingredients from all over the world—from Morocco to Asia, without ignoring its Brazilian roots.
These are only a few suggestions from the thousands of restaurants in Rio !! With a lot more to explore and new places opening all the time, this city is definitely a destination worth a visit, where the culinary offer clearly has a crucial role that deserves to be discovered !!
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