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4 Great apps for this Christmas !!

Christmas is almost here . .. how about trying out some fun apps to make this season even more jolly ?? Check out our suggestions and prepare yourself for an amazing time with family and friends !!

Secret santa : Secret Santa Service

We’ve all had to organize secret santa before — be it with our work colleagues, family or a group of friends. It’s true that the classic pen and paper system has its charm, but at times it can be difficult to manage, with some people being away, someone forgetting the name they drew, or even because someone gets their own name — yes, it happens !! To avoid these difficulties, nowadays you can find a lot of websites and apps that make this process so much easier. We selected "Secret Santa Service”, an app where all you have to do is enter the email addresses of all the participants, and it does the rest! Each person in the group will receive an email with the name of the person that they have to buy a gift for. This app is only available for iPhone, and the free version works for groups of up to 4 people. For only $0.99 you can upgrade to groups of up to 50 people — give it a try !!

Install on iPhone & iPad (free, with paid upgrades)

Holiday e-cards : Just Wink

There are so many fun e-card apps out there with Christmas themes. "Just Wink” is one of them, and it allows you to create e-cards from existing templates and images. It has themes for every holiday season, including Christmas, the perfect time to remember the people in your life who are truly important to you. Create an e-card with a photograph, a personalised message and even an audio clip of yourself speaking or singing — it will surely be an original card to remember !!

Install on iPhone & iPad (free, with paid upgrades)
Install on Android (free, with paid upgrades)

Photos : Christmas Booth

Because Christmas is a great time to have fun and unwind, next on our list is a photo app with a holiday feel. "Christmas Booth” allows you to take photos and edit them with Christmas decorations. There’s a vast selection, from santa’s hat or beard to a reindeer’s horns! You can buy additional bundles of props to make your creation even more surprising. A perfect app to spend long hours laughing with your family and to show the little ones how good you are with gadgets !!

Install on iPhone & iPad (free, with paid upgrades)

Game : Angry Birds Seasons

We all know that no holiday season is complete without a good game. That is why we suggest "Angry Birds Seasons”, a spin-off of the original "Angry Birds” — the main goal continues to be the same: to throw the angry birds and hit the poor little pigs. This game has a special touch: each holiday season, the theme changes, and Christmas is of course one of them. Enjoy the entertaining graphics and dive into this addictive game !!

Install on iPhone & iPad (free, with paid upgrades)
Install on Android (free, with paid upgrades)
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