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A life of very special memories

Many are the memories which Lynda Siggs keeps of her stays at The Cliff Bay. She fondly remembers birthdays, special times with her family, the first time she stayed here . .. and now she has been to this hotel on the island of Madeira more than 25 times !!

The climate, the hotel, the landscapes, the island's events . .. there are countless reasons to keep her coming back !!

Which is your favourite PortoBay hotel?
The Cliff Bay.

How many times have you already stayed ?
More than 25 times.

What makes you come back ?
The Cliff Bay staff "family" who have become our friends... The luxury of the hotel (and the other PortoBay hotels on Madeira), the wonderful views from the rooms overlooking the harbour, the Spa treatments and the Spa team, the reception team, Il Gallo D'Oro, Il Basilico, the people of Madeira, Funchal's regeneration programme, the little local bars (Proa Azul and Qasbah) ... the fantastic Madeira weather, the Flower Festival, the Atlantic Festival with the fireworks, the Carnival in February … the list is endless!!!!

Do you usually travel alone or accompanied ? with whom ?
Initially, I came to the Cliff Bay with my wonderful mother for many years as a "Mother & Daughter" treat, then for several years with both my parents, including a week with my brother and sister for our father's 75th birthday. For the last 8 years, I have enjoyed many special times at the hotel with my very much loved husband Jon, who previously didn't want to fly. But he came to Madeira for the first time when my parents especially asked him to come with our family to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2008. We have been coming back to the Cliff Bay every year together since Mummy passed away in 2009. What a wonderful gift my parents gave us - the joy of holidays together for Jon and me in the best place on earth!

What makes this hotel special for you ?
A lifetime of very special memories for me, with my family. Also the whole Cliff Bay Team - lovely people who have a special place in our hearts.

What is your favorite place in the hotel ?
The Sun Terrace above the Blue Lagoon.... Shhh... Don't tell anyone else!!

Do you keep any special memory about the hotel ?
Too many to tell you, but probably my first visit, then my birthdays, our wedding anniversaries, but the highlight was my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary in 2008.

. .. and about the destination ? What would you like to highlight ?
What a beautiful place Madeira is... mainly unspoilt and such lovely friendly people. The warmth of the sunshine is matched by the relaxed atmosphere - people are happy here!

3 places not to be missed in the city ?
The Old Town - see Madeira as it has always been - The new harbour regeneration - see Madeira being rebuilt now - The Cable Car to Monte and the Toboggan ride back to Funchal - your future in the balance!!!

3 cultural characteristics that you find interesting ?

The Trout Farm at Santo do Serra (a fantastic eco-friendly project - you must have lunch there and taste the freshly caught trout, cooked within 10 minutes of being caught!). The Sunday Market in the mountains – continuing a way of Madeiran life as it has always been. The amazing intricate patterns of the pavements and main pedestrian area - watch the workmen chip the little blocks from big pieces of stone and then lay them in the black sand base to form the characteristic Madeira patterns continued for countless generations in the city.

Thank you, PortoBay for giving us the most special times of our lives, we love Madeira and your people – many of whom have become our personal friends.

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