09 Dec 2015 2027
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Activities to do with the kids for Christmas

As soon as the first of December appears on the calendar, everybody starts the countdown until Christmas !!

Kids and grown ups dream with the time they get to reunite with their families, prepare the delicacies, wrap up the presents . .. It’ a very special time of gathering and love spirit — specially for the young ones, that absolutely can’t resist the excitement of being so close to Christmas time !!

Until that magic day doesn’t come, prepare these cute activities to do with the kids and feel the magic of Christmas in your house, every single day !!

1. Making Christmas decorations

Which kid doesn’t love starring at the tree, all shinny and decorated, waiting for the Christmas eve and day ?

From this year on, everybody in the family must help decorating the tree in the house. On the day of the decorations, let the little ones join the activity and contribute with a special touch to the decoration. Turn this moment into a true family tradition, year after year !! Your kids will love to be a part of it.

PortoBay Christmas tip

Grab your old magazines and give them a much original purpose: follow our tips and make your own Christmas trees made of magazines !!

In Madeira’s island, there is also a Christmas decoration that prevails and will bring a very special touch to your house decoration . .. You just need some grains of wheat, broad beans, peas and lupin beans and get to work — there are some typical searas (crop shoots) to plant !!

2. Preparing Christmas desserts

Pretty much all the kids love to help their mother, father or grandparents in the kitchen.

Take advantage of this joy and spend some afternoons preparing delicious and typical Christmas desserts.

From star-shaped cookies, ginger bread man or homemade chocolates, never forgetting the cakes and other delicacies, you’ll be able to fill your table with an extra hand of these special helpers !!

PortoBay Christmas tip

French toasts, honey cake and cookies . .. Is your mouth watering yet ?

These are just some of the delicacies that you can add to your table, and we have the recipe to make it taste so good as the ones from PortoBay !!

3. Teaching Christmas carols

One of the best parts about Christmas is the songs and carols. The music spreads all over the streets, stores and keeps playing inside the house.

Traditional or modern, there are Christmas songs for every single taste. Get inspired by our Christmas playlist and keep it playing while you’re decorating the tree and get in the mood !!

4. Decorating the table for dinner

If you want to surprise your friends and family with the decoration, our advice is to be very original !!

Why don’t you try changing the same old red tablecloth for a paper one with colourful elements ? In addition to the tablecloth, you can do the same thing with napkins or table individuals. 

You can also explain to the kids that the Christmas table is just like a regular table, but with more enchantment and organization. We promise you they’ll take the job very seriously !!

PortoBay Christmas tip

Exposing all the dishes, cutlery and decorations in perfect harmony isn’t an easy work . .. it’s an art !!

If you really want to surprise your guests with the most charming Christmas table, follow our tips to make your table into a real piece of art.

5. Making special gifs

In order to save some money in presents, and still make them even more special and personal, try to give wings to your imagination and ask your little helpers to give you a hand.

Those mouth-watering cookies that you’ve spent so much time preparing ? You can make it into a nice present, wrapped in a cloth bag or decorated glass jars. 

Cookies, hand-made accessories, a painting or a nice postcard — Christmas is so much more than giving regular presents !!

6. Being solidary

It’s precisely on Christmas that we feel more solidary and responsible for other people happiness. It’s essential to pass these values to children, explaining them the true meaning of Christmas and teaching them to be thankful for what they have.

This is a wonderful time to show the love and have them to participate in solidary activities like found raising for a cause or collecting food and toys for children, at an institution or a supermarket near home !!

7. Workshops and Christmas ateliers

Because Christmas also represents the kid’s school holidays, parents need to think on creative and original ways of occupying the little ones on their free time.

There are many workshops and ateliers for all tastes where children can learn new and useful things. They can even contribute to the Christmas decorations at home !!

8. Going to the theatre for a Christmas movie

In the Portuguese theatres, Snoopy and Charlie Brown: Peanuts is one of the most expected premiers for Christmas. It arrives to theatres in the Christmas Eve and comes in 3D.

"Hotel Transilvânia 2”, with premier expected on the December 10th, continues the adventures of the not scary vampires on their hunted hotel.

"O Principezinho”, an animated film based on Sain-Exupéry story for kids and grown ups, is already on exhibition on Portuguese theatres to delight everybody this Christmas. 

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