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Algarve’s 10 best kept secrets

Located in the South of Portugal, Algarve is said to be Europe’s best kept secret. With its mediterranean weather and involving nature, the experience of those who visit the region is filled with amazing discoveries, activities and places to remember fondly.

Join us at PortoBay Falésia to discover Algarve’s secrets !!

1. Soulful cuisine

Let your taste buds embrace the flavours of the sea . .. A pinch of salt here, a little lemon there . .. Trying the rich traditional flavours of Algarve’s cuisine needs to be on your to-do list, but we promise it will be an effortless pleasure . ..

Indulge in the exceptional variety of fish and seafood available . .. Maize porridge with razor shellscaled horse mackerel, clams’ cataplana and Algarvian cuttlefish are some of the most popular and asked for dishes in the region.

However there’s more to Algarve than just the sea . .. The mountains and the more rural areas have a major influence on the cuisine — chickpea and beans stew or the gazpacho are also delicious dishes you can choose . .. Try the homemade bread with olive oil and take full advantage of these special combinations. 

2. The sweets

Let the Algarve sprinkle some sugar on your stay with the typical sweets of the region . ..

Fine sweets, also known as morgadinhos, are our first pick in a list of delicious options. But we must also remember the well known and yummy Dom Rodrigos, figs filled with almonds, carob’s sweetfolar and filhoses.

3. Europe’s best beaches

White sand surrounded by cliffs, peaceful water and safety are some of the features that make Algarve’s beaches unique. If you are looking for a relaxing day and escape the crowds you can always visit the Algarve’s desert islands, Deserta, Culatra or Farol.  However if you seek an urban beach you can choose Meia Praia or Praia dos Pescadores.

4. Calm nights

Discover Algarve’s nights and how you can enjoy them . .. Visit Albufeira’s Marina, Portimão or Vilamoura and enjoy a quiet evening with your family. Have fun in the numerous establishments you will find all over and engage in long hours of conversation.

5. Engaging Nature

Discovering Algarve means waking up your adventurous spirit and hit the pause button on your daily life . .. Put your backpack on and let that explorer’s heart beat faster as you discover all the hidden places that nature has in store for you . .. You can choose from a variety of trails such as the Trail of Aromas or the Castelejo Environmental Trail, go for a dive at Pego do Inferno or Barbelote cascades or go bird watching in the Vicentine Coast.  The truth is that it will be impossible for you to be indifferent . ..

6. The Heritage

Algarve is more than just enjoying the beautiful beaches, good food and the its mediterranean climate. Between museums, churches, archaeological discoveries, typical architecture and monuments, you can feel the centuries of history and its meaning in a rich heritage of experiences of past civilizations. The Cabo de S. Vicente Fortress, the Luz de Lagos Church, the Castle of Aljezur are some of the places you need to visit.

7.Festivities and Traditions

While staying in Algarve be ready to party !!

Festivals, theme nights, religious festivals are some of the events that constantly occur in the region. The Medieval Fair in Silves is already an important landmark, the Entrudo, known as Loulé’s Carnival, where everyone goes out to the streets wearing costumes and is ready to dance, is also an annual event of the region. In the hot Summer, the Popular Saints are a celebration that brings people to the streets as well in an effort to honor the solid traditions from the past.

8. Activities

There are numerous of activities that you can enjoy while being at the Algarve.

This is the lovers of golf and tennis paradise because of the amazing courses and courts. For the ones  who prefer motor sports there is always the Algarve International Race track as an option. Be prepared to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.  If you are interested in a family day you can visit the Zoomarine or Lagos Zoo that guarantee the fun for both kids and adults. You can also try the water parks where slides of various shapes and sizes are available to those who like to add water to the fun.

9. Local and homemade products

Homemade products are associated with quality and nothing is better than a product made from scratch and treated with affection and care of the locals. Let the local wines inebriate you, try Aljezur’s sweet potato and Monchique mountains’ honey , eat the Algarve’s famous oranges and taste the popular carob liqueurs.

10. Craft pieces

What makes a place special are the memories we take with us. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture or a little local gift.

Handicrafts are one of the local and ever growing businesses. The pottery, basketry, cork and copper pieces have a prominent importance in this trade . .. The Handicraft fair shows are already a must on the regional schedule event, as it’s the case of the Al Buhera Festival, where visitors can see where and how the crafts are made and take an unique gift home to remember their stays.

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