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A brilliant signature cuisine at affordable prices and to be enjoyed on a more laid back environment, but after all, what is this concept that everyone is talking about? At Bistrô’s4 menu, Chef Benoît Sinthon brings to life a French-born version of bistronomy, filled with Portuguese and Brazilian flavours that pleases every palate. It’s true love at first bite. 

The concept is French and the flavours are countless. But once they are reinvented in Portugal by the magical hands of brilliant chefs, they reach a totally new dimension, which is only possible in a country that has the best ingredients to offer.

In Portugal for almost 20 years, Chef Benoît Sinthon is a Michelin star winner thanks to his work at the Il Gallo d’Oro restaurant located at the Cliff Bay Madeira. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean to give his magic touch to the menu of the recently opened restaurant of PortoBay Liberdade in Lisbon, the Bistrô4. And at this point, nothing would make more sense than using the techniques and the love of this Chef for the Portuguese traditional dishes in favour of this bistronomy that’s the perfect combination between a relaxed environment and haute cuisine at affordable prices. 

A journey through the flavours in a Spring afternoon

The result shows! Open every day, at the ground floor of PortoBay Liberdade, Bistrô4 is fresh, sophisticated and welcoming. 

Once you’ve passed the entrance with a wall that exhibits part of the wine cellar — there are about 200 different wines on the menu — and a slate board with some of the daily dishes written on it, you arrive at the exterior patio, surrounded by lemon trees that makes you feel like you’re enjoying a delicious Spring afternoon. To add a contemporary touch to the environment, the artist Joana Rêgo’s tile panel covers an entire wall and represents olive tree branches, which surprises everyone with its details. 

Alone or in good company, spend some time enjoying the menu. With the supervision of the Executive Chef João Espírito Santo, Chef Sinthon’s menu is sophisticated and simple like the French classics, full of flavour and textures like the favourites of the Portuguese and also has an exotic Brazilian touch, which comes from the other PortoBay’s destinations. A real cultural journey through the flavours. 

“Bistronomical” delights

Faithful to the original bistro concept, the menu is short so it highlights the Chef’s choices and the seasonal products. From omelettes to vegetarian choices, main dishes and delicious deserts, to the hot and cold snacks — just like Portuguese style "tapas”, the flavours are exquisite, full of different tastes and joy.

Enjoy the delicacy of your dish at each bite: after all, the happiness is also worth looking for in the most extraordinary flavours. Ceviche, bean croquettes, limpets in the pan, steer tartar, codfish "that wanted to be at Brás” (a very typical Portuguese dish)… Each one has a story, that should be interpreted as you want it. 

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