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Caipirinha, a Brazilian drink to share with friends

Brazil is colour, dance, genuine smiles, wonderful cities and flavours . .. ando also is the land of caipirinha — a drink that is as wonderful as everything else !!

It tastes like happiness !!

The real caipirinha always tastes like joy and the whole world really wants to taste it, either in its original version or its delicious variations.

The important thing to keep in mind is to make a toast to the good times, whenever possible: on hot days and nights, on the terraces, on the beach, at parties or among friends, before or after a harvest feijoada (or a succulent barbecue) or simply whenever you feel like it !!

It’s the drink that truly shakes our souls and makes them dance. Everyone likes to make caipirinhas and in fact they are made for everyone !!

It heals everything

Some say that, for a period of time, caipirinha was a drink for the refined tastes of a restricted group of landowners in Piracicaba, in São Paulo. It was the chosen drink which often replaced other ones, like whisky or imported wine, and it truly played a very important role in the most exquisite high society parties.

The truth is that we hear a lot of stories about the genesis of capirinha and there are several places and times that constantly claim its invention. However, there is a story that really stands out and has more followers. In order to learn more about it, we have to go back in time to São Paulo in the early 20th century, more precisely to the year of 1918.

Apparently, the now world-famous caipirinha was used as a prescription to heal the so-called "Spanish flu", a disease (often mortal) that affected people all over the world.

Lemon, garlic, honey and alcohol was the combination given to the patients, a kind of syrup in which were combined the benefits of the Vitamin C with the therapeutic effects of the alcohol. One day, someone decided to remove from the recipe the garlic and the honey and added some sugar to cut the acidity of the lemon. Later on, and to fight the heat, it was added — and very well !! — the ice. It became a sort of "Midas touch", since it gave to caipirinha the status of one of the most popular drinks in the world.

It's for everyone . ..

It is a drink that, since its origin, has always left its mark in different historical contexts. It was selected by the most refined tastes of urban men and women, by the humble people of the country side and even by the taste of the intellectual circle of the Brazilian society.

Whatever is the history of caipirinha, over time it became the synonymous of celebration, unity, togetherness, lightness of spirit and, above it all, it became a drink for all tastes !!

How to make a caipirinha ? Well, it's very simple . ..

The art of making caipirinhas is part of the "ritual” of being happy, either between friends or family, and it’s not that complicated to make a beautiful and traditional caipirinha. It is a very simple recipe, although we must try to do it several times until we reach perfection !!

You still don't know how to do it ? If not, you should write down the recipe !! 

To make a caipirinha you must use Tahiti lemon (or lime as it is known in Portugal), cachaça, sugar, ice and . .. a lot of love !! The Tahiti lemon is the perfect fruit to be used because it doesn’t have seeds, it has more juice and it is sweeter.

The lemon (or the lime) can’t be too green or too ripe and if we are talking about the traditional caipirinha, it must take white cachaça since due to its acidity, it is the one that combines perfectly with the other ingredients.

Now, let’s get to work !!

At the time of preparation, cut the lemon in two and remove the white part of the lemon centre, so that the flavour doesn't get bitter. Don’t peel the lemon and cut it in smaller pieces.

Then, put it in the glass where the caipirinha will be served, add the sugar and, with a mortar and pestle, gently knead the mixture. Once you have finished this part, you must add the ice and, of course, the cachaça or the other drinks that sometimes are used as an alternative. 

Yes, there are other options you should consider in the art ok making caipirinhas and that’s what we are going to tell you next . ..

The different versions of a caipirinha

The cachaça is the drink that has been always used in the making of caipirinhas but over time other recipes were tested and other alternatives were created, all of them also very popular . .. and delicious. For example, some people use vodka and get a stronger caipirinha while others prefer to use saké which provides a sweeter flavour to the drink.

Regarding the fruits that usually are used, there are also some different options besides the lemon. Instead, some people prefer to use passion fruit, strawberry or kiwi.

Caipirinha's "family" has grown and throughout the world the original version is adapted to different tastes. The caipiroska and caipiríssima are two fine examples.

Brazil . .. in a glass with ice and love

Did you know that it was only in 2003 that the caipirinha was officially registered as a typical Brazilian drink?

That’s right !! It was registered precisely in that year, much later than its popularity and due to the will of the President at the time, Lula da Silva. In the official register we can read the following: "the drink with an alcohol graduation from 15 to 36 % by volume, to 20 degrees Celsius, made with cachaça, lemon and sugar, can be called a caipirinha (a typical drink of Brazil).

And there's no doubt about that !! Drinking a caipirinha is drinking Brazil, with all its natural charm and joy for life.

The identity of the country can be drunk with long and spaced sips, always with a special sparkle in our eyes and with a genuine willing to share.

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