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Carnival at PortoBay’s destinations

Right after Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, we’re already on countdown to one of the most expected celebrations of the year . .. Nobody forgets that February means Carnival !!

Year after year, PortoBay’s destinations like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Búzios, Madeira, Lisbon and Algarve celebrate this special occasion with all the muss and fuss that it deserves.

The cities get packed with colours, live music and thousands of revellers ready to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. After all, the origins of this celebration go back to the beggining  of the privations and sacrifices of the lent . .. So it’s better if you get your costume ready and join the party !!

Rio de Janeiro: the place where everything happens

Talk about Brazilian Carnival without mentioning Rio’s Carnival is practically a sin !! Besides being celebrated in pretty much all the cities around the country, Rio is considered Carnival’s world capital. 

The first samba school was originally from Rio and was named Deixa Falar (something like "Let Them Talk”), created by the local samba legend Ismael Silva. 

Nowadays, samba schools make organized parades, authentic disputes to elect the Queen of Carnival and the best samba school of the year. The dispute takes place in the Sambódromo, Marquês de Sapucai, the first in Brazil and that stills attracts thousands of tourists and cariocas to the parades.

Street “blocos” and the celebrations

The Portuguese brought this kind of celebration to Brazil around 17th century, and in the end of the 19th century, started to appear the first street "blocos” around the country. 

The blocos are organized parades, represented by each neighbourhood. Each area has it favourite bloco: nowadays, there are over 300 and the number keeps getting bigger, year after year. The most famous blocos are Cordão do Bola Preta that parades all over town; Banda de Ipanema that dances all over Ipanema’s neighbourhood for 3 days; Sovaco do Cristo that stays right under the statue of Christ, the Redeemer and Bloco das Carmelitas, that you can see dancing at Santa Teresa’s mountain.

When the blocos are passing through, the streets are all closed to traffic and only the partygoers are allowed !!

The party begins at PortoBay Rio Internacional

From the 5th to the 9th of February, Cidade Maravilhosa gets packed of joy and samba rhythms !!

From the streets to the Sambódromo, you’ll have a lot of places to celebrate — and PortoBay Rio Internacional is the perfect starting point to be part of this huge celebration.

Carnival in São Paulo

The "Paulista” Carnival is made of samba school’s parades at Anhembi Sambódromo, dancing in clubs and street blocos. There are over 14 samba schools with over 100 thousand participants that absolutely pack the Sambódromo !!

After Rio’s Carnival, celebrations in São Paulo are considered the biggest and more important around the country.

From the 5th to the 9th of February, join this party at L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo, located right on the Paulista Avenue — the perfect location to join the party.

Carnival in Búzios

This year, Búzios Carnival will be celebrated with a lot of joy and with the traditional blocos parades. From the 14 to the 17th of February, you’ll be able to watch over 7 blocos that promise to keep the partygoers encouraged to enjoy all the celebrations !!

Typical neighbourhoods like Rasa, Tucuns, Manguinhos and Centro will be the places to be if you don’t want to miss a thing of Búzios Carnival. And what place would be better to enjoy the occasion but the amazing PortoBay Búzios ??

Carnival in Lisbon

Genuine and with a pinch of irreverence, the high moment of this celebration is a parade of allegoric cars that every year carry caricatures of famous Portuguese characters, satirized in every day scenes.

Don’t forget to write on your agenda: on the 9th of February, Lisbon’s Carnival will colour the city’s downtown with confetti’s, streamers, people in costumes and a parade that will go from Praça do Município into Rossio.

A few steps away from Avenida da Liberdade — one of the most emblematic avenues in town — and close enough to the party’s epicentre, PortoBay Liberdade is the perfect hotel to rest from the days and nights of pure fun in Lisbon. 

If you still haven’t partied enough, you can go to Torres Vedras. 45 minutes away from Lisbon, this celebration is one of the most famous of the country. From the 5th to the 10th of February, the parades and the party don’t stop !!

This year, the costumes theme is Figures and Famous Characters: do you have any idea of the costume you are going to wear ??

Madeira’s Carnival

The celebrations in the island start with the "Compadres Party” and are followed by parades, celebrations and the "Messy Parade”, on Fat Tuesday.  Everyone can be a part of this and the participants imagination has absolutely no limits !!

Saturday night, the colourful allegoric parade takes thousands of curious to the centre of Funchal to be a part of the main attraction of the island’s celebrations.

From the 3rd to the 9th of February, come to Funchal and celebrate Madeiran’s Carnival on the best place possible — in one of PortoBay’s hotels in Madeira, of course !!

PortoBay’s Carnival Troupe

The great Allegorical Parade of the Madeira Carnival takes place on Saturday, 6th of February, on Avenida do Mar. All the guests that are staying in any PortoBay hotel in Madeira can be a part of this troupe and have a special section and costume at the Parade !! Are you ready to join ??

Carnival in the Algarve

From Quarteira to Loulé, Carnival in the Algarve adapted the rhythms of the Brazilian samba and got out in the street all dressed with feathers and glitter !! Like the Brazilian tradition, many cities elect the King and Queen of Carnival and King Momo’s event, on Wednesday, is a very picturesque and awaited ceremony.

Typical of Algarve are the Flower Battles that happen every year on many cities. There are parties for all tastes !!

From the 6th to the 9th of February, join Loule’s Carnival and be a part of the traditional Gala Dance. Wear the costume that you always dreamed of and never forget: it’s Carnival and you can do whatever you want !!

Carnival rhythms

Do you feel inspired enough to start training your dance moves ?? Try on your Carnival costume and get used to parades while you listen this playlist full of joyful rhythms that we’ve prepared for you !!

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