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Celebrating with HOPE

On 14 September, Peter and Hazel Dobbs had their 50th wedding anniversary !! To celebrate, they chose the Med restaurant at the Vila Porto Mare resort . .. the gifts received were donated to HOPE, PortoBay charity program.

"When we celebrate 50 years of marriage, we have everything . .. and we know there are people out there who need help,” says Hazel Dobbs, explaining the reason for donating to HOPE. This is what they told their guests. Instead of gifts, anyone wanting to give something could contribute money to HOPE.

Tallying up the numbers is difficult. 10 years, maybe about 12 times, The Cliff Bay, The Residence, Porto Mare . .. "it's hard to figure out the exact number of times we have stayed at PortoBay hotels,” says Peter Dobbs. However, it's easy to determine how much they feel at home here. "I don't have to worry about unpacking his bag. Here, he always knows where to put away his clothes,” jokes Hazel Dobbs.

They chose to mark this memorable occasion at the Med restaurant because they truly feel at home here. "It's also our favourite restaurant. Paulo, the head waiter, has become a great friend,” they explain.

So, on the night of 14 September, the Med was decorated for this very special occasion. Peter and Hazel Dobbs gathered 21 guests . .. one daughter, one granddaughter and "the PortoBay friends we have made over the course of these years”.

They don't care about knowing the amount of money raised. What matters most is helping !!

€62,975 more for HOPE

. .. this was the amount raised in the fifth HOPE campaign, which ended last September. Since its launch in 2012, HOPE has already given a total of 257 thousand euros . It is one of PortoBay's commitments under its sustainability policy, plus the contributions from guests who leave €1 per stay/room.

Move .. for HOPE on 28 December

If you are in Funchal on 28 December, be sure to take part in the São Silvestre race, and join the cause !! PortoBay Hotels are joining this event not only to promote a healthy lifestyle and because it is a fun group event, but also to form a team of customers and staff who will be helping the "HOPE" charity campaign by participating.

Sign up here !!

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