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If you want to live absolutely unforgettable experiences, PortoBay Hotels & Resorts have created a brand that shows you, without complications, the best that your destination has to offer. No matter the time of the year, PortoBay Events invites you to celebrate the most special events, inside and outside the Hotels and Resorts, so you can always be in the centre of the action.

When choosing a holiday destination one of the biggest challenges is knowing when to go and what to do. Travellers are bombarded with suggestions from the moment they arrive at their destinations and, as a result, they need to be sure that they make the right choices.

With this in mind, PortoBay Hotels & Resorts created the brand PortoBay Events to provide easier access to information and to integrate visitors more fully into the cities where they are staying. The initiative was launched on Madeira island, Portugal, but is now running at all PortoBay hotel destinations in Portugal and Brazil: Lisbon, Algarve, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Búzios.

This compilation of information helps to publicise the destinations. In addition to the official calendar of events, PortoBay also created other events under its own initiative. The selection allows the hotel group to join in with some of the most significant cultural events of each destination, showing that these moments can also be experienced at a PortoBay hotel. Most events are publicised at least 6 months in advance.

Celebrations that you don't want to miss!

The list of events includes New Year's celebration in Madeira or in Rio de Janeiro; Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Madeira and in the Algarve; the sailing competition Extreme Sailing Series or the Portugal Masters, golf events in the Algarve, São Paulo Prêt-a-Porter, Cirque du Soleil in Lisbon . .. and many others.

In Madeira, PortoBay Events calendar covers most events in the official events calendar for this destination. In addition to these there are exclusive events such as the Chocolate and Madeira Wine Week, the gastronomic festival The Stars RouteWine Week, food festivals and other events.

It is the same criteria in the Algarve. The calendar includes medieval festivals, others have traditional themes (such as the Fisherman's Festival, in Albufeira or the Popular Saints tradition) there is also music, such as the Jazz Festival in Loulé, or the world music festival Festival Med. There is also room for the PortoBay Algarve Nature Week and the Wine Week in November.


The events calendar will be added to in each of the destinations and the number of events will be constantly updated on the site specifically created for the project - www.portobayevents.com. Here you can also take a look at the schedule, the videos and a photo gallery for each experience.

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