27 Nov 2018 2053
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A serenade in the rain or a good excuse to get under the covers?

Grey days require a different soundtrack, a hot chocolate or some pyjamas. Or put on some wellington boots and shelter in some places that are very often forgotten.

Discover everything you can do in Lisbon, even when it’s raining . ..

»Rainy day playlist 

Borda d’Água

While the music plays, let’s get down to some reading. "Ande o frio onde andar, no Natal cá vem parar” is a Portuguese proverb meaning that wherever the cold might be, in Christmas it will be with us. The days are getting shorter, with nine minutes in Lisbon and eleven in Porto. The cold has settled in once and for all, and rain is due on the 15th, with the moon entering the crescent phase after two uncertain weeks. Since 1929, the Portuguese almanac has been presenting weather forecasts for the whole year, as well as a "useful repertoire for everyone", including everything from astrology, proverbs, moon phases, tides, sowing seasons, seasonal fruits, fairs and holy days. Published annually by Editorial Minerva, retaining the original design, it is a survival manual for daily life. Now that 2018, is about to end, the judgement of the year predicted: "The climate phenomenon will start to intensify between September and October, and will remain until 2019. (...) The important thing is to make the most of the year to learn to be wiser and prudent”.

Price: €2.20

Galveias Palace

This is one of the most beautiful municipal libraries in the city. This seventeenth-century building took on the role of a library in 1931 and is nowadays even more elegant since its renovation works. There are study and reading rooms open to the public, as well as a regular programme including conferences, theatre and cinema sessions and even yoga classes. Until 10 December, pays homage to the writer José Cardoso Pires, author of Lisboa, Livro de Bordo, which is essential for seeing the city from another angle.

Campo Pequeno, Lisboa
Tel. 217 803 020 
Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 7pm
Monday and Saturday, 1pm - 7pm


It is the perfect day for diving in five million litres of salt water and four marine habitats as if they were just one ocean and we do not even need to get our feet wet, just visiting the Lisbon Oceanarium passing through the mild, tropical and cold waters of the Planet’s different oceans. As well as the collection of fish, amphibians, birds, invertebrates, mammals, plants and algae, you can immerse yourself in the most beautiful tropical forests in the temporary exhibition by the artist Takashi Amano, "Underwater Forests”. The music is by Rodrigo Leão, an original composition created to accompany the world’s largest "nature aquarium” measuring 40 metres in length and 160,000 litres of fresh water by the Japanese aquascaper. This is a complete experience, with scents and sounds that invite you to contemplate, relax and make you travel to mysterious worlds.

Esplanada D. Carlos I, Lisbon
Tel. 218 917 000 
Every day, 10am to 7pm (last entry at 6pm)
Full-price ticket: €18

Berardo Museum

Rain could be a good excuse to stay at home with your loved one. Or you could go and find some love on the street. Quel amour!? is an exhibit featuring 130 works that cover the different expressions of love. Artists from different generations, nationalities and cultures explore the most universal of feelings. And there are famous couples with works crafted by four hands, such as Helena Almeida and Artur Rosa or Marina Abramović and Ulay. And with a full heart are the words of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, in Claro enigma (1951): "(...) This is our destiny: love without limits distributed to the faithless and the hollow, an unlimited donation to incomplete ingratitude and in the empty shell of love the fearful pursuit, patient, for more and more love. To love our own lack of love and in our dryness to love the implicit water, the implied kiss, the infinite thirst.”

Exhibited until 17/02/2019
Praça do Império, Lisbon
Tel. 213 612 878 Every day 10am-7pm
Admission: €5

Museum shops

The popular Portuguese saying goes that whoever walks in the rain gets wet, so that’s why we shouldn’t forget our umbrellas. The most original are sold in the museum shops and depict artworks. Who said that the sky above our heads has to be grey and heavy just because the sun does not peek out?

Gulbenkian Museum Show
Av. de Berna, 45A, Lisbon
Tel. 217 823 000 Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm

Loja dos Museus 
Praça dos Restauradores, Palácio Foz, Lisbon
Tel. 213 478 333 
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-6pm

Vitoria Nobre Arte

We agree that it is not very pleasurable to run in the rain or have to kit yourself out Gene Kelly style in one of the most famous scenes of the film Singing in the Rain (1952), but that this is not excuse for not playing sport. Forget pilates and RPM classes, in Vitoria get moving with the Noble Art of boxing, according to the rules established in 1865 by the Marquess of Queensbury, prioritising agility and not strength. This is an exclusive and mixed club inspired by the famous white collar boxing club, where the classes can be individual or group (maximum 12 people). The boxing and kickboxing trainers are ex-national champions and professional fighters in the sport. In the ring, work on agility, concentration, self-confidence and self-control, whether rain or shine.

Avenida Santos Dumont, 57C, Lisbon
Tel. 213 850 110

Bettina & Niccòlo Corallo

Is there anything that warms our hearts more than chocolate? In the most famous chocolate factory in Lisbon, along with coffee and the handmade production of chocolate in varieties ranging from pink pepper and salt flower, ginger and orange, hot chocolate is made from small productions of carefully selected cocoa. In a pure state, with no additives, a pleasure of the gods.

Rua da Escola Politécnica, 4, Lisbon
Tel. 213 862 158 
Monday to Saturday, 10am - 7:30pm

Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium – Living Science Centre

If the clouds can be the best enemies of the star gazers, in the Planetarium travel through space regardless of the climate conditions. Throughout the day, there are several sessions that address themes such as the "Hubble Vision - A new vision of the universe," which we have been given to see since the launch of NASA's 1990 Space Telescope or "The Sky Seen from Earth", revealing our sky with and without pollution and the many stars we are not able to see in the city, or the "Journey to a Black Hole", in which they cross nebulae until arriving at the place where the stars are formed allowing the understanding of the universe evolution. The programe for all the family is an invitation to take your feet off the ground and explore the cosmos.

Praça do Império, Belém, Lisboa
Tel. 210 977 350 
Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30am - 12.00pm 
Saturday, 1.30-4.00pm 
Admission: €5

PJ’s by The Life Juice

There are days when the rain prevails and nothing makes us feel like leaving the house, so our pyjamas are our best friends. But that does not mean slovenliness; on the contrary, we dress stylishly as if we were going out without sacrificing comfort. The PJ's by The Life Juice, inspired by the classic and relaxed cut of men's pyjamas, are a must-have for any female wardrobe and all you need to do is change your accessories and they are suitable for both an outing with friends, as well as a romantic dinner or a party. Produced in a centennial factory in Lisbon, you don’t even need to leave the house to buy them; simply order them by emailing: isabelcosta@thelifejuice.com. On Instagram @thelifejuicebyisabelcosta you can find the latest designs. So, why would anyone want to leave the house? 

If you prefer to stay indoors. ..

An afternoon tea or a spa treatment . .. at a PortoBay Liberdade hotel you can take advantage of overcast days by enjoying the indoor pool. If you choose to have a restful afternoon nap, we can offer you a pillow menu.

For a hot meal at the Bistrô4 restaurant we have suggestions to suit all tastes. At the Trato 32 in the hotel PortoBay Marquês you can enjoy the intense flavours of Italian pasta and risottos . .. while the rain comes down outside.


PortoBay Liberdade . PortoBay Marquês

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