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Eden Mar : "Going back is like visiting old friends"

Kim Collings feels at home in the Hotel Eden Mar. She’s stayed there 23 times. She knows the staff by name and is quick to praise them . .. especially their dedication to keeping everything looking neat and presentable. She says going back to the Eden Mar is like "visiting old friends".

Which is your favourite PortoBay hotel ?
Eden Mar.

How many times have you already stayed ?
23 times.

What makes you come back ?
The personal touch, you are made to feel special, nothing is too much. The staff at all PortoBay hotels have a very high standard of care for the guests. The beauty of the grounds, the upkeep and delicate care that is taken in keeping everything so neat. Everywhere is so clean. The entertainment is always very good. It is like returning to visit old friends.

Do you usually travel alone or accompanied ? with whom ?
I myself travelled for 14 visits with a very dear friend. After talking about Madeira to my husband he asked if we could visit together. He was smitten, he loved at much as I did !!

What makes this hotel special for you ?
The hotel has everything needed to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Friendly, helpful so pleasant, clean, neat. The return guest cocktail drinks, meeting the management.

What is you favorite place in the hotel ?
The restaurant, the Oceano bar, the pool . .. everywhere is so nice !!

Do you keep any special memory about the hotel ?
I remember , the young bar staff and restaurants staff, the nights we spent by the old pool bar. Meeting old friends from previous visits.
After celebrating our Ruby wedding anniversary, which we spent in Lisbon at the PortoBay Liberdade hotel where we were treated like royalty. Flew to Madeira, and as we couldn't get into the Eden Mar we stayed in the Residence. I booked a table at the restaurant Med, Paulo and his team were wounderful they made it a very special night. 

. .. and about the destination ? What would you like to highlight ?
Everywhere is so clean, very welcoming, easy to navigate around and also where ever you go it so informative. Value for money so relaxing.

3 places not to be missed in the city ?
Monte, the great restaurants, the Market.

3 cultural characteristics that you find interesting ?
All the flowers, agerpanthers , the wine festerval , the global  firework display from the harbour

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