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Everything you need to know about Algarve wines

In the past when anyone mentioned the Algarve, sun, beach, golf and food immediately came to mind . .. but as a wine-producing region the reality was little more than non-existent. The demarcated region of the Algarve has existed since 1980, but for a long time the vines have been abandoned, neglecting the genetic inheritance of old grape varieties. This is what we must preserve and defend if we are to have wines with a different, truly Algarvian character.

As a result of strong investment over the last few decades, about 30 producers have been able to reap the rewards. Today the Algarve, as a region producing quality wine is a reality, enhanced by excellent terroirs, with a touch of clay that is often identified as a characteristic trait of Algarve wines. 

There are four wine-producing regions in the Algarve with Designation of Origin: Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira. Let’s have a look at these wines. ..


Marcha Légua White

blanc de noir. What is a blanc de noir? This is a white wine made from red grape varietals, using the fermentation of the skins system. Produced from Aragonês and Castelão grapes, it is a crystalline white, which forms a ‘tear’ in the glass and is bursting with very distinct aromas and flavours on the nose and in the mouth.

Goes well with:  stew (traditional fisherman’s style stew, which often includes different types of fish and seafood); estupeta (a local speciality of raw tuna, finely chopped and served with salad)


Monte do Além Syrah

100% Syrah

Has ripe fruit, blackcurrant, black plum, mineral and spicy notes, with great elegance, a spicy palate, satin tannins and very long finish, full of personality and distinction. 

Goes well with: lamb loin and roast kid. 


Alvor Rosé

Touriga Nacional; Syrah; Moscatel roxo

Pink in colour, with fruity aromas, hints of wild fruits - raspberries and gooseberry. With good freshness and a soft finish.

Goes well with:  snails, light fish dishes, horse mackerel, ideal as an appetizer, natural seafood, salads, simply prepared white meats, pastas and pizzas


Floral de Portimão 


Dark red with nuances of violet, vanilla aromas and ripe red fruit; notes of coffee and spices. Fresh and full bodied in the mouth, with soft tannins. Excellent and prolonged finish in the mouth.

Goes well with: all types of red meat, poultry, game dishes and hard and semi-soft cheeses


Marquês dos Vales Selecta White 

Arinto, Malvasia, Síria

Straw-coloured wine with golden reflections and a balance between fruit and acidity. Delicate, with an expressive nose and a fine aroma of ripe passion fruit.

Goes well with: fish, seafood, peas with eggs, octopus, cuttlefish or poultry. 

Grace Vineyard Red

A garnet-coloured wine with lush notes of black plum, cinnamon and roasted cocoa.

Goes well with: red meats, sausages, roasted pork tenderloin with chestnuts.


Fuzeta Red

Cabernet-Sauvignon,Castelão and Aragonez

Ruby in colour with reddish tones, clear and transparent. Ripe red fruits, light and floral, well rounded in its main components 

Goes well with: smoked sausage and Algarve ham, poultry, simple game bird dishes, traditional simple Portuguese cuisine, a good cheese board. 

Terras da Luz Reserva Red

Castelão and Touriga-Nacional

Pomegranate in colour with nuances of violet, aromas of ripe wild berries, vanilla notes from the French oak barrels, very round tannins. Robust wine, but of great subtlety and elegance, with a long and beautiful finish in the mouth.  

Goes well with: Algarve sausages and ham, cod, well-prepared fatty fish, red meats, all types of game.

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