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Flavours of Brazil 

Picanha, black beans, rice, farofa and mandioca . .. Are your mouths watering yet? These are just some of the many typical Brazilian flavours, a real mix of traditions and ingredients, brought to the country by the first indigenous and by the Portuguese settlers.  

In a country with such rich, characteristic, well-known (and much appreciated) tastes, the chefs that command the exquisite cuisine of PortoBay Rio Internacional in Rio de Janeiro and L’Hotel PortoBay in São Paulo reproduce the best Brazilian dishes, from the savoury to the sweets, from the appetizers and the main dishes to the deserts that are just to die for.  

Are you ready for a journey through the best Brazilian flavours? We’ll start by the appetizer and we won’t stop until we’ve finished the dessert. Come with us and try all of these delicacies . .. 

Dried meat escondidinho with cassava 

La Finestra  . PortoBay Rio Internacional 

Served as a snack, side or main dish, this recipe uses traditional Brazilian ingredients, but is originally from France. A layer of mashed cassava (mandioca) is spread over the dish, a layer of fried dried meat is then placed over the cassava which welcomes another layer of mash over the meat. Cheese is sprinkled over the top and the dish goes to the oven to melt. And then, it’s ready to eat !! 

Brazilian picanha 

La Finestra  . PortoBay Rio Internacional 

Picanha is a traditional Brazilian cut of beef. When it is roast on the spit, picanha is seasoned with coarse salt, placed on the brazier until browned and served in strips sliced from the meat while still on the spit. It goes back to the brazier until it is ready to be cut and served again. It is served with traditional Brazilian rice and beans, fries and the essential farofa, toasted cassava flour. 

Brazilian picadinho, braised beef 

Trebbiano Ristorante  . L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo 

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian picadinho is a traditional Brazilian dish known as a bohemian dish to comfort stomachs after a long night. It varies from a basic recipe to whimsical alternative versions created by great chefs. Picadinho with filet mignon is one of the most popular dishes at the Trebbiano Ristorante, where it has been a must-try dish for more than 10 years. 

Crème brûlée with cupuaçu flavoured with basil 

Trebbiano Ristorante  . L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo 

The base is crème brûlée, but our Pastry Chef was inspired by Brazilian flavours to create a new dessert for the menu at the Trebbiano Ristorante. Basil leaves join the marvellous alchemy of cupuaçu jelly prepared with the fresh pulp of the fruit from Amazonia, related to cocoa. Delicious  !! 

Do you feel like tasting these and other typical Brazilian delicacies? They’re all waiting for you at Trebbiano Ristorante in L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo and La Finestra in PortoBay Rio Internacional. Meet you there ??

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