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From Buzios . .. with love

Buzios kindly welcomes everyone and we can always get that feeling that we are being invited to stay. It used to be a small fishing village and nowadays is a lovely city. It kept its charms as well as many secrets to be discovered. Buzios offers you the calm you need and is the perfect place to take a rest. At the same time, is a living city with bright colours, rhythms and flavours. We are in Brazil, it makes perfect sense. 

Feel at home . .. but in paradise

PortoBay Buzios is just like home, a cozy and warm hotel that you can truly call your own. It is located in the middle of a rain forest and near the most beautiful beaches bathed by the crystalline waters from the deep blue sea. The surrounding landscape suggests a distance from everything, however the truth is that we are very close to the famous Rua das Pedras, the main street right in the heart of the city. And now that you know where we are, we're here waiting for you. Let´s be happy !! 

Here the day begins peacefully . .. and tasting good !!

The morning rises in a blissful way and you can even hear a whisper saying that it will be a promising and unforgettable day. After all, you're in Buzios. To begin with, a fine breakfast at our lovely bar by the pool. You are about to taste our homemade flavours. In order for us to conquer your palate, we have made a careful selection of tropical fruits, different kinds of fresh bread, the best coffee and other delicacies that really taste like tradition. Sit back in the chair and enjoy. It tastes . .. like Brazil.  

Now that you are wide awake, after this marvelous gastronomic Brazilian experience, we have a question for you: do you feel revitalized and willing to live the best experiences that Buzios saved for you? Well, this is going to a great day full of emotions and adventures !! 

Nearby . .. the charms of the peninsula´s magic corners

Would you like to know two secrets ? We are glad to share with you some of the charms still hidden here in Buzios.  After a short walk from Praia dos Ossos you´ll be able to find two beaches: the Azeda and Azedinha. Both are very close to that wild beach imaginary, a kind of treasure that lingers in our memories. They are protected areas, so you´ll only find some small boats selling drinks to ones who are passing by and a certainty: you´re in two of the most beautiful beaches in the country. 

A break to taste . ..

Now, we suggest a tasteful break. It is time to enjoy the best flavors of the peninsula, again. At Praia Brava, is located one of the most required restaurants in Buzios. You´ll find Rocka Beach Lounge & Restaurant right on the front line of the sea. It is inspired on Mediterranean cuisine made with the best local ingredients, including organic products from the garden. Imagine this picture: a kind atmosphere filled with a refined simplicity and where you can taste the most harmonious and original dishes. Ah . .. and of course, the finest champagne and the famous and homemade caipirinhas.

Rails for you to breathe . ..

You are in Buzios, so it is very easy to fall in love with nature. You´ll keep it close and discover its endless secrets in harmony with its natural elements. Right in front of you, you´ll have a magnificent landscape framed by graceful mountains and challenging slopes. We have several suggestions for you at this point of your journey. It won´t be difficult to choose the best ones that suit you.

You should try an ecological walk. There are many circuits, with different levels of difficulty, to choose from: Mangue de Pedras circuit, the one that connects Praia da Ferradura to Praia dos Amores and the Ponta das Poças e Sítio das Cobras circuits. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that you will be surprised.

And then, you have the sweet sound of the streams, waterfalls and natural pools. You can even make a break and take a refreshing bath !! So, you should go to Casemiro de Abreu, a place located in Sana, about an hour from downtown. Yes, there you will be able to feel the benefits of the fresh air. 

And now go for a Buggy ride !! Why not ?

Well, that´s another way to discover Buzios and, we guarantee: it is always a fun experience !! Once again, you can choose from different circuits. Most of the routes pass through the emblematic beaches and the city´s touristic sights. If you prefer to travel without a guide, you can also can rent a Buggy and be the master of your own destiny.

As the Sun sets . ..

Now back to our hotel and to a privileged spot where you can truly feel the natural beauty surrounding you. Our bar in the reception owns a unique view of Buzios. This is your moment, a moment of pleasure, alone or in good company. Here the sun rises and sets with grace and you´re lucky to watch it. The day in ending, it is time to welcome the city´s nightlife. 

A dinner that tastes like the sea . ..

We suggest a soulful dining experience to start your night with. You already know that we are talking about Buzios soul, but now it is time to taste it. Bar dos Pescadores, on the Jose Ribeiro Dantas avenue, offers you that kind of experience. You´ll have a lot to choose from and we guarantee that, around here, all the products are selected with art, love and taste. Enjoy your meal, relax and take pleasure in one of the finest restaurants in the peninsula.

The care to serve starts with the very concept of space. With love, tradition and art, it pays tribute to the "fishing artisans” and . .. to your taste. The privileged view of the sea and the rich flavours of the region are waiting for you. In example:  the enviable variety of fish stew, the best fresh fish and the typical Brazilian appetizers, such as the cod cake, the shrimp pastel or the crabmeat cake. As for the dessert . .. you will find out when you get there. Deal ? 

'If that street were mine . ..'

Maybe we would not change a thing. The ‘Rua das Pedras’ is where the night begins and often ends. It’s not only made of stones, but also made of joy, rhythm, color, craft, celebration and music. It’s about 600 meters long and it’s where you’ll find the best of many worlds for a fantastic end of the day. Along the sidewalk there is art, fashion, cuisine from different places, crafts, bars, shops of any kind and cross talks in other languages. 

Do you feel like going to the movies ?

Then you are in the right place. In Buzios, the movie theatre is called Gran Cine Bardot – it has the capacity to have more than 100 spectators and it’s where the renowned Buzios Film Festival takes place.  It’s called Bardot as a tribute to Brigitte, the diva of cinema – during the 60’s, Buzios was chosen by the actress as her secret refuge. Actually, that trend still remains and Buzios is still a ‘shelter’ for those who want to rest from the day-to-day rush. A quiet and perfect place that to live in. 

Rest . .. in a dream

Speaking of rest, we are back ‘at home’ after a great day of emotions and discovery. At the PortoBay Buzios we want you to feel comfortable and warm. That’s why, with care and dedication, we have created cosy and perfect spaces for you, all because of your deserved rest. 

Depending on your desires and priorities, at the PortoBay Buzios you can choose the Junior Suite, the Master Suite and the Royal Suite. The latter is designed for those who are travelling together. For us, the most important thing is your comfort. Relax, have sweet dreams and wake up wanting another day full of smiles. 

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