05 Jul 2018 3222
Joana Kouprianoff {non-medical practitioner and master of clinical nutrition}

Good morning, sunshine !!

Breakfast is the one meal where we should take in the highest possible number of quality ingredients, since our body has been fasting during the night, and will eagerly absorb everything.

Among your choices, you should always have access to fresh fruit (preferably seasonal), vegetables and high-quality proteins, such as eggs.

A good breakfast will leave you feeling fuller and more satisfied when it is full of nutrients that will be absorbed slowly over the course of the morning.

Take advantage of your holidays and free time to eat more conscientiously, spend time close to nature, take a walk, go to a yoga class or even take a well-deserved nap !!

Here are three breakfast options you can find at PortoBay hotel buffets. Bon appétit !!

1. 2-egg omelette with mushrooms . whole or toasted rye bread . roasted tomato . melon . soy milk with coffee or ginger or mint tea . ..


2. soy yoghurt . apple and banana . cornflakes . hazelnuts . nuts or almonds . cinnamon . coffee or tea . water with lemon juice . ..


3. 2 hard-boiled eggs with salt and pepper . toasted whole bread with olive oil . pineapple and kiwi . soy milk with coffee or green tea

Did you know that . .. ?

Bananas are extremely rich in potassium, and protect the body from free radicals with their antioxidant content. They are a complete food, ideal for someone going for a dip in the pool or morning run.

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