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Les Suites at The Cliff Bay . .. The feeling of infinity

At the top of a natural promontory, the ocean view is infinite . .. Breathtaking gardens, esplanades, two centuries-old houses, an infinity pool and a jacuzzi surround 23 luxury suites in a total area of 6,000 m2. If we tally it all up . .. "space” is the result !!

The new "Les Suites at The Cliff Bay” promises space, privacy and lots (and we mean lots!) of comfort. Its idyllic location near the emblematic five-star hotel, on the island of Madeira, lets you enjoy all of the facilities of The Cliff Bay.

It is divided into 15 ground-level suites, 6 duplex suites with an elevator, 1 exclusive master suite and 1 artistic suite with broad terraces or a private garden . ..

Still want to learn more ? We're handling all of the details to make for unforgettable stays !! Stay tuned at www.portobay.com . ..

Growing, diversifying

To learn more about this project, how it came about and what this hotel will be like, we talked with Antonio Trindade, President & CEO of PortoBay Hotels & Resorts . ..

How did "Les Suites at The Cliff Bay” come about?
When we built The Cliff Bay, we made sure that the existing chalet north of the hotel, which was part of the property, would not be demolished, as it constituted a very important example of colonial style houses which, unfortunately, have been disappearing with the development of Funchal. Next to this property there was another small house and a wine warehouse. These were subsequently sold to a local entrepreneur, who drew up building plans which, given their size and use, would have greatly undermined our hotel The Cliff Bay.

We therefore decided, 11 years ago, to repeat what we'd done at our Vila Porto Mare resort and enter into negotiations with a view to purchasing and including this property in a project that would protect The Cliff Bay surroundings, connect with the hotel and preserve the existing Chalets there. We would also introduce new differentiating factors to serve the future guests of Les Suites at The Cliff Bay, and boost the current customer offer at The Cliff Bay (which we will in future be calling The Cliff Bay & Suites).

Another ten years on, and after the exhaustive work of benchmarking and analysing trends in the hotel offer, we're finally completing this project which aims to be a differentiated product and offer top-quality Portuguese hospitality.

What values does this project incorporate?
Above all those that correspond to a design which is integrated into the history of the area, which conserves the landscape and includes planning recommendations.

We have opted for a smaller number of suites - 23 - with excellent location and size and with increased facilities for combined use, mostly in terms of leisure facilities, for all customers of The Cliff Bay and Suites.

How is it different from other PortoBay products?
We have always been very careful in establishing differentiation between all our hotels in Madeira, so that each one offers different experiences to those who visit us. We have, however, kept some elements that represent PortoBay calling cards.

The Les Suites at The Cliff Bay project is intended to be a top-of-the-range innovative hotel, especially intended for guests who seek the experiences that they have had over the years at The Cliff Bay, plus some additional attractive features, very much bound up with the concept of ‘feeling at home’. I'm talking about its large balconies and private gardens, the new fitness room, the new infinity pool, and the panoramic restaurant with Bar and Lounge.

This is so that they can feel involved in the hotel and by the team and get a ‘Welcome Back Home’ feeling.

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