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The Book of Honour of L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo

Lead by the handwriting of Mr Phil Sinclair, PEPSICO’S president back then, the first entrance of the Book of Honour takes us back to the 31th of November 1994. 
On the next pages, we can see the words of famous musicians, internationally known stylists, actors and cartoonists, writers and even well known musicians. 25 years later, L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo Book of Honour is still a mandatory "signature point” for famous people all over the world.

And as the signatures forever written on the pages of the Book can show . .. Nobody is indifferent to the special welcome and to the exclusive ambience, so characteristic of L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo.

25 years of stories . ..

In 1996, the painter and guitar player of the famous British band The Rolling Stones stayed in the hotel with his family for a couple of days. From the creative drawing made with black ink, we can see the words "A very nice stay” standing out, and a big "Obrigado !!” (thank you in Portuguese) that totally filled the heart of the staff.

The next year was particularly bustling and interesting to the Book because of the passage of famous people thought the hotel. Being São Paulo is such a fashion, cultural and gastronomic centre — and with the hotel located only 50 metres from the most energetic avenue in town —, it was the most natural and intuitive choice for so many familiar faces from the most different areas. 

Flipping through the pages, we find signatures as the one from António Guterres — first minister of Portugal back then in 1997 — and his wife; from the Brazilian writer Luís Fernando Veríssimo; Brazilian singer Djavan; Italian stylist Ermenegildo Zegna and even from one of the most famous magicians and illusionists from all times . .. David Copperfield stayed in the hotel for one week and left "all of my thanks” written on the book. And not even his magical powers can make us forget his words !!

. .. And famous signatures.

Many other famous presences followed. The Brazilian journalist and TV host William Bonner and Fátima Fernandes stayed there in 1998, and Betty Faria’s signature closed the 90’s in great style.

The 2000’s would continue to fulfil the pages: from the famous Brazilian actresses Fernanda Montenegro, Débora Secco, Mariana Ximenes and Cléo Pires, the cartoonist Sérgio Jaguaribe also known as Jaguar that even present our Book’s pages with an exclusive drawing — actually, it could be an auto portrait of him seating by the balcony of our Il Piano Bar . .. — the singer Gal Costa, Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten, the actors Bruno Gagliasso, Cauã Reymond and Wagner Moura, and even the famous Spanish designer Paco Rabanne . .. Nobody can resist the charm of L’Hotel PortoBay and the city itself.

An excellent service that survives the decades

Nowadays, the Book is still available for famous people that have the wish to sign their passage and that have something to thank to the hotel. The President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa and the American composer Philip Glass are just some of the latest personalities who couldn’t leave L’Hotel without writing a message of thanks !!

So much more than a signature book, it’s the reflection of an excellent service that survived over the decades . .. Just like the words of "all of the thanks” of the ones who once passed by. You just have to come to L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo and see by yourself !!

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