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"It is a perfect escape"

"Why do we ever go anywhere else?!". Asks Shirley Cullup as she arrives at The Cliff Bay. It's here that she and her husband, Keith Cullup, celebrate their wedding anniversary. Every year since 1996, on February 29th!!

Which is your favourite PortoBay hotel?
The Cliff Bay

How many times have you already stayed ?

What makes you come back ?
Best summed up by my wife Shirley as she steps inside the hotel to reception--she asks "why do we ever go anywhere else?!"

 Do you usually travel alone or accompanied ? with whom ?
My wife is with me and I bring her for EVERY wedding anniversary - we married on February 29th!!


What makes this hotel special for you ?
We feel an especial ease and calm especially when we were both working within our professions and latterly with our own business interests. It is a perfect escape.


What is your favorite place in the hotel ?
What a difficult question!! We do love our dining and the atmosphere of the Michelin starred restaurant so it wins!


Do you keep any special memory about the hotel ?
Very much so!! Our original Anniversary Hotel was Reids sometime around say 1992 or just after we noticed "upheaval" within a banana plantation that turned into The Cliff Bay so in 1996 we sampled and have never ceased!


 . .. and about the destination ? What would you like to highlight ?
We love the weather. We loved the Levada walks-we started out with difficult aged to medium and slipped to easy. Sadly we find it more difficult to keep up these days!
Very happy with our walks DOWN into Funchal-we take the taxi back UP!

3 places not to be missed in the city ?
The fish market early morning.
The chair lift and lunch at the top.
Shirley loves some "retail therapy".


3 cultural characteristics that you find interesting ?
Have enjoyed the Carnival
Enjoy music in The English Church
Marvel at the restoration after the terrible flood damage

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