13 Apr 2017 1751
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It's been two years !!

It seems like just yesterday, but it's been two years since we embarked on this journey and expanded IN PortoBay magazine to a digital version.

In two years we have travelled through Lisbon, the Algarve, the island of Madeira, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Búzios . .. all to show you the very best that these destinations have to offer. We have given you culinary tips and suggestions for visiting unforgettable places, along with other places off the beaten track, but no less interesting . .. We have been given the precious help of bloggers from our destinations, and have also shared special experiences: those of our guests.

We have received 100,000 visits from every corner of the world. We have published 50 posts in Portuguese, English and even in French and German.

If you haven't read them yet, be sure to do so !! In two years, these have been the most popular articles :

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10 things you can’t miss in Rio de Janeiro

Lisbon, the Great

How about you ? Did you like this last year ? Is there anything you would like to read about here? Please send your suggestions to in@portobay.pt.

Until next week . .. :)

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