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The challenge wasn’t that simple: to create an art piece that would be a part of the collection specially designed to the new PortoBay Liberdade. The tile’s panel of the painter and plastic artist Joana Rêgo has passed the test with distinction, and it’s one of the chosen pieces to honour the Portuguese culture, on the patio of the restaurant Bistrô4.

The tile has been an important element of the Portuguese artistic expression for over five centuries now. With the arrival of PortoBay to Lisbon, the hotel pays tribute to what is considered to be of the most original creations of the national culture.

Joana Rêgo accepted the challenge. She spent the Summer of 2014 working hard and she didn’t even mind not enjoying the season like she used to. "While working, I travelled in other ways: through ideas, the shapes that I created, over the shades of greens and the desire of seeing the work done and placed on its final space.” The "shades of green” that the artist is talking about are the olive’s branches, represented in the tile panel, now placed in the patio of PortoBay Liberdade’s restaurant, the Bistrô4.

The perfect challenge

The panel, surrounded by a garden of lemon trees, is 13,70m x 1,80m and represented an exciting challenge. Joana Rêgo recalls: "Getting out of my comfort zone and taking a risk by doing an exercise that I’ve never done before, it was very interesting.” 

But with the initial enthusiasm, immediately came the first fears. "Such a big area on the outside, one of my paintings in such a different material from the usual canvas… But the fear immediately turned into action and pleasure. The theme was very pleasant — olive’s branches, trees that are very dear to me and with a shape that gives me such a pleasure to work on.”

The panel was produced at Viúva’s Lamego Ceramic Fabric and the artist followed all the process closely. Founded in 1849, Viúva Lamego produces large quantities of stoneware and hand-painted tiles, reproducing motives from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. It also makes special works produced from the designs of artists, just like this one.

Besides being a plastic artist, Joana Rêgo is also a painter and a college teacher. She was involved with the three editions of "ON Fusion Art by PortoBay”, placed in Funchal’s Old Town, and from the very first moment, she kept in secret the desire of working with PortoBay. Because of that, the challenge of working within the new PortoBay Liberdade "and under the title of my series of "Trees” made me so happy that I couldn’t wait to start working!” Besides this work, Joana Rêgo is the author of more two canvases, also exhibited in PortoBay Liberdade.

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