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Who already had the pleasure of meeting António Trindade knows that he gets involved with every new hotel as if it’s his first project, as if it’s another "new child”. Join us for a very special interview.

Why did the PortoBay group opened a hotel in Lisbon ??

Because the group needed to grow. When we talk about growth we are talking about a complementary offer, so it makes perfect sense that PortoBay has a hotel located in the capital of its country, Portugal. It also makes sense, from a comercial point of view, to have a hotel in the main "hub” that connects to the regions where we have other hotels which enable us to promote more notoriety and to offer the possibility of combining stays. We already have clients booking their stays in Lisbon in order to go to other PortoBay destinations in Portugal or Brazil because it’s even easier with the flight connections.

Is it easy to “build” a new hotel ??

It’s a long process and whose exposure time has much to do with the location in which we operate. To think about a hotel located in a city capital, where it’s important to use the existing real estate is quite different from thinking about a hotel located in a resort. In the latter, to come up with a new product is much easier. The project of the PortoBay Liberdade hotel started about 10 years ago, in 2005. Due to its location in an area that has specific guidelines regarding architectural preservation, we made sure that we associated a palatial building to a modern reality by smoothly integrating the hotel in the area.

It’s challenging, then . ..

Yes, very much so! But the challenge with this new hotel is more than just the material part. It’s more about the group adjusting to a new business model in Portugal where our experience is more reflected on leisure. We really are developing a new business model in Portugal for PortoBay, although we are already familiar with the reality of urban hotels in Brazil.

What does PortoBay Liberdade represent for the group ??

In addition to the contribution to the group’s growth, it represents the PortoBay brand and its features in an European capital. We intend to have an increasing exposure in Europe. Lisbon is an excellent reference and a fantastic link with the European tourism business.

We also want to take a stand in Lisbon in another area that’s important to us and has reinforced the group's image: the cuisine area. We have a restaurant that’s independent of the hotel itself and targeted to people that aren’t just our clients/guests. We want to involve the local community with a more uncompromising culinary message, but with the PortoBay group’s quality stamp. Thus we have the Bistrô4, a restaurant with a new concept and the signature of Chef Benoît Sinthon, which guarantees that quality, based on a solid experience. 

PortoBay Liberdade fits the urban hotel segment? As you said, a new reality for PortoBay in Portugal . ..

We have witnessed an evolution of the concept of going on vacations, supported by new means of transportation and new guarantees of communication, which awakens in the cities a new concept of leisure.

A city like Lisbon, for example, no longer has hotels for almost exclusively businessmen, but more aimed at leisure. The different age groups seek in the cities for new environments of "de-stress", which until recently was represented by "sun and beach". We managed to create in PortoBay Liberdade additional attractive elements that until recently were seen as unnecessary in the typical urban hotel. 

When an average stay in Lisbon has already reached 4 nights, we have to guarantee to our visitors that they can enjoy, not only the city, but also what we offer within the hotel, meeting their leisure needs.

We know that you get involved with every new product as if it is a “newborn”. How did you idealised PortoBay Liberdade ??

Although each of PortoBay products have adapted to the regions where they are located, there are features that run across the group. I highlight, first, the proliferation of smaller and more intimate spaces as opposed to great social areas that are generally more impersonal. Secondly, I highlight the comfort of the rooms. We always make sure that the guest of any hotel PortoBay feels at home: beds’ size and quality and a personalized service. PortoBay Liberdade is also a suggestion of a urban resort, a place of leisure in the city. Here, the facilities such as indoor / outdoor pool of 15 meters, gym, spa, esplanade, patio, terrace and the restaurant itself - the Bistrô4 enrich this notion. There is also a goal here that we effectively want to reach: empathy and recognition of our relationship with the customer. That’s why we have members of the staff of our hotels in Madeira and Algarve moving just to give such guarantee of loyalty already achieved with so many guests which honors us. 

In your opinion, Lisbon is . ..

It is the city that embodies most of the factors that contribute to an excellent quality of life. Light, river and sea, size, cultural identity, good people. In a sentence: it is what you are looking for to live good experiences or to discover beautiful places.

And after Lisbon ;-) ??

We are almost there! A first project involves creating the Suites at The Cliff Bay, a separate project, but that will be an excellent addition to what is our ex-libris - the hotel The Cliff Bay in Funchal. As far as expansion outside the country goes, we are looking at some urban areas where our Lisbon experience can serve as a departing point for new flights.

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