07 May 2015 2357

Lisbon through Henrique Seruca’s eyes: a photography exhibition at PortoBay Liberdade.

Tejo, Alfama, Chiado, Belém, Rossio and Liberdade avenue . .. These aren’t just historical places in Lisbon. They’re places that inspired Henrique Seruca to take amazing photos that pay tribute to the city. You can only see the in PortoBay Liberdade, so come on down.  

Photographer and owner of a studio in Lisbon since 2008, Henrique Seruca already has a countless number of published works in newspapers and magazines like "Time”, "The New York Times” and Portuguese publications like "Público” and "Rotas e Destinos”. Among his published books — two of them about Madeira (one of them follows Benoît Sinthon, the Chef of Il Galo D’Oro, The Cliff Bay’s restaurant, and the only one in Madeira with two Michelin stars) — the photographer takes us a journey through the island that he calls home. 

The photographer was born in Porto and has a special connection with the island, but that doesn’t stop him saying that it’s in Lisbon that he feels at home, in the city where he began his career and where he found out an unique and undisputed light in the entire world. 

It was this light and a picturesque beauty that enchanted the photographer and made him, in such a natural way, capture the neighbourhoods and the people’s daily life thought the lenses of his curious camera. 

From Tejo to Chiado, Alfama to Rossio. .. Every photographer knows that the light is the soul of his work and Henrique knew just where to look for the best Lisbon has to offer, from the monuments to the typical neighbourhoods. 

From the streets to PortoBay Liberdade 

The process of wandering through the streets of Lisbon searching for the perfect light, to a six-floor exhibition at PortoBay Liberdade, was a natural path to Henrique, since he’s already used to work with the PortoBay group in many other projects. 

It doesn’t matter in which hotel or with each team, Henrique always feels like he’s at home and most of all, he feels like he’s part of a big crew that executes every work with great pleasure. The satisfaction of working with a team that lives the product with the same intensity that he does with his work, is just one of the reasons that makes this partnership a true success since day one !! 

In addition to the exhibition of the photographer’s look of the city, PortoBay Liberdade also has many works of art developed exclusively to adorn different spaces. The tile’s panel of the artist Joana Rêgo in the exterior patio of Bistrô4 is a tribute to the Portuguese culture and to such a traditional object like the tile that used to cover many old buildings in downtown.

The city’s photographs and the tile’s panel are only two of many tributes that PortoBay Liberdade pays to the city. Come and find out this urban resort and fall in love with this and many other works . .. 

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