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Madeira Flower Festival: What you cannot miss !!

The Flower Festival is one of the most beautiful events on Madeira Island. During four weeks, flowers, spring and fertility are celebrated, and just like the seasons, life is reborn with new colours.

During the Flower Festival, the island has a fresh and contagious beauty. You can easily fall in love with thousands of natural flowers, displayed on the flower carpets, parades, markets, decorations, murals and of course, at PortoBay hotels.

What must you see and do at the Flower Festival ?

Here are some suggestions . ..

Flower Parade

Attend the parade that runs along Avenida do Mar, from Praça da Autonomia to Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, Rotunda Harvey Foster. During approximately 2 hours, around 1500 people, especially children, bring flowers, music, beauty, and dance into the avenues. The floats accompany the parade with floral decorations while joyfully interacting with the public. About 11 troupes take part in this creative event. After choosing the music, the outfits, the flowers and the dance choreography, magic happens in this parade. It is held since 1979 and is undoubtedly the main highlight of the Flower Festival.

Photo : Luís Roberto

Flower Exhibition

Thanks to the favourable climate of this island there are thousands of flowers on display, from all over the world. This exhibition is a tradition from the 50s, originally held in the Ateneu Comercial do Funchal. Nowadays Praça do Povo sets the scenery for this event where the local flower growers, display their best examples. A jury selects the best flowers. Marvel at the perfection of roses, proteas, gerberas and many others, perfectly arranged in nooks and rooms. The scent, colour and grace of the flowers do not leave anyone indifferent.
Here you can also find workshops on Madeira embroidering, the creation of floral carpets and even enjoy chocolate tastings !!

Photo : Francisco Correia

Madeira Auto Parade

This parade combines classic automobiles with the beauty of natural flowers and runs along the same avenues as the Flower Parade. It is a great opportunity to see the elegance of these classic, carefully preserved vehicles. At the end of the parade, motorcycles or classic cars are on display at Avenida Sá Carneiro. The parade is organised by the Association "The Classic Motor Exhibition" - ACME - and by the Clube Carocha da Madeira.

Wall of Hope (Muro da Esperança)

This is a children's procession with flowers with more than 30 years of tradition !! It starts at Avenida Arriaga and ends next to the Funchal City Hall. Hundreds of participating children carry flowers in their hands, to compose a mural in Praça do Município, with the goal of appealing to world peace. This mural is known as the "Wall of Hope". Afterwards, there is a show for families, which includes a dove release, theatre, music, and animation.

Photo : Francisco Correia

Floral Carpets

Throughout the festival, you can admire flower carpets meticulously decorated according to colours, silhouettes, drawings or letters. You can find it in Funchal streets, especially in the pedestrian areas of Avenida Arriaga. It is one of the main traditions of this Festival, inspired by the Church processions and decorations - impressive floral art !!

Photo : Francisco Correia

Flower Market

On Avenida Arriaga, throughout the festival, there is also a market that sells flowers and typical delicacies from Madeira, from Poncha to bolo do caco. It is a great meeting point for locals and tourists. In addition to flowers, food, drinks and mingling, there are outdoor concerts and folklore. Over the weekend, the animation runs throughout the night.

PortoBay Flower Week

During the Flower Festival, PortoBay Group hotels display traditional floral decorations, in the PortoBay Flower Week. A team of creative and enthusiastic PortoBay employees make arrangements with petals, leaves and wildflowers at the lobbies of Vila Porto Mare, Porto Santa Maria and The Cliff Bay Hotels. The best incentive to their creativity is the enthusiasm of guests, who praise and photograph their creations. Guests are also invited to attend and learn how to make floral carpets themselves !! They can also watch a sample of the Allegorical Parade, where the troupes show their costumes and dance with flowers. Guided visits to some gardens take place during the week. There is also the opportunity to taste food and cocktails made with flowers.
The beauty of Madeiran flowers is unbeatable. Nature knows what she's doing, and it is not by chance that the Island of Madeira has been blessed with so many flowers and natural attributes.

Come and celebrate with us the beauty of Madeira flowers.
Have fun at the Flower Festival !!

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