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If you’re going to Madeira and bringing the kids with you, enjoy the tips for all the family of the Madeiran blogger Patrícia Lencastre. Take advantage of the best that the island has to offer and have fun with the children in natural parks, dreamy swimming pools and Tuk Tuk walks. You’ll be creating moments that you will not forget soon !!


When walking through Funchal with children, it's worth looking out for the painted doors in the old part of the city. The stories, characters and scenes will certainly stay with you as memories to take back home. At the end of the visit, you just have to cross the garden to ride the cable car up to Monte. 

The destination is not the only important thing (although you'll find gardens and paths there are like something straight out of a fairy tale), as the journey itself will be exciting for the younger ones. For the braver among you, I suggest returning to Funchal on the traditional mountain carts: there are some unique experiences in the world and this is one of them.


It is very hard to find a child who doesn't like swings and slides, so don't forget to go through Santa Catarina Park, where you can enjoy a unique view of Funchal, as well as the children's playground. Make the most of it and take bread with you because the kids will love feeding the ducks in the lake in the middle of the garden.

Spend some of the day visiting all the corners of the city; there is no better mode of transport to take your children on than the Tukxi. Small motorbikes with covered seats, in which we can travel comfortably, sitting back and enjoying a memorable journey that can take you wherever you feel like going at the time.


In the north of the island you will find a green slope of imposing mountains contrasting with the deep blue of the sea. A dreamlike landscape that hides spots like Seixal Beach. There are few places in the world where you can find a beach with black sand, a view over green slopes and access to a sea that is perfect for young people. 

Right next to it, the Seixal Sailing Club has a range of aquatic activities for children and you can make the most of it by watching them have fun while you sit comfortably on the Club's terrace.


When I'm searching for a winning plan for my children, I know that I can't go wrong if I take them to spend the morning at the Natural Pools in Porto Moniz. There you will find excellent facilities and some fantastic pools, suitable for adults and children alike. You will find clean water from the sea to the north of the island in these calm, white-lined pools. 

Before going back, stop at the Porto Moniz Aquarium where the kids will love losing themselves in finding and counting all the fish in the aquarium.


Madeira has a long history and the way it is told at the Madeira Theme Park is enjoyable for all ages. You will certainly shine when you take your children to the different pavilions and activities, going on a boat on the lake or riding the train. And that's not even counting the playgrounds, perfect for younger children to play freely.


The gastronomy of Madeira also needs to be highlighted on any visit to the region. The traditional kebab on a laurel wood skewer served with "bolo de caco" bread is a must-try. Take the chance to taste these delicacies in the area around the strait of Câmara de Lobos, on the day you go to visit the Prazeres Pedagogical Farm, where the kids will have fun feeding the animals and wandering around the farm managed by the local parish. Take the chance to try the different ciders they have on offer. All are produced in the local area.


The sea around Madeira is one of the deepest blues you will ever see in your life and there is no better way to enjoy it than on a boat trip, during which you will meet whales and dolphins. There is a great variety and something for everyone: from catamarans to speedboats, replica ships or sailboats.

The most daring can even go for a dive and see the coast of the island from afar.


An experience that will certainly stick in the memories of children and adults is the feeling of swimming in the sea around Madeira. The imposing rocky background and clean, clear water that lets you see the fish swimming under your feet is a unique sensation that is hard to beat. It is one of those memories that you will love talking about and thinking of when you go back home.


After a day of walks and tours, take a morning to reward the kids with a trip to the water park, Aquaparque, near the airport. No child can help but be excited about going here, and you will find a complete water adventure park that will win over not only children but adults, too. 

On the way, take the chance to stop and have another dip in the sea. The route from Funchal to the water park has several places for a swim.


Located in the centre of Funchal is the 3D Fun Art Museum - a fun experience for kids and adults alike. If you are looking for some family fun, you will find about 40 different scenes here (from 3D images to optical illusions) that will take you on an unforgettable journey beyond reality.
And don't forget to bring a camera...you'll want to capture these moments, believe me!


And because a little adrenaline never hurt anyone, end your day at the Madeira Climbing Center, where fun is guaranteed! This newly opened centre is equipped with climbing walls suitable for children, so that they can practise the sport in complete safety. But don't worry... the centre is suitable for all ages, giving you the opportunity to have fun with your kids!


With a children's playground and sports facilities including tennis courts, squash court and fitness circuit, the Quinta Magnolia Gardens are the ideal place to relax while the kids are entertained. A real haven in the centre of Funchal, these gardens are full of green spaces that provide a wide variety of family leisure activities.
Relax, take a walk, or maybe have a picnic!


Another unforgettable experience for children is a visit to the CR7 Museum, located in one of Funchal's main tourist areas. Here you will find photos and videos illustrating the player's career, as well as all the trophies (youth and professional) won at the various clubs he has played for - Andorinha, Nacional, Sporting, Manchester United and Real Madrid, not forgetting Portugal’s national team. 
As you leave the museum, you can also pose next to the bronze statue of Cristiano Ronaldo. When you return home, you can say that you took a picture with the best in the world!


Before going home, after you've enjoyed the sea, the mountains and the unique gastronomy of Madeira, stop at the Lavradores Market. The friendliness and hospitality of the sellers will let you taste some types of fruit for the first time. 

Take the opportunity to buy some souvenirs to take with you. The traditional wicker baskets, folk instruments (brinquinhos), Madeiran boots and hats with ears are unique gifts and mean you can take a little bit of what you saw in Madeira with you in your suitcase. Take a little of all your experiences in Madeira with you to show that paradise exists and it's not so far away.


From the trip aboard Lobo Marinho's ship to the sandy beach itself, a trip to the island of Porto Santo is well worth it for the little ones. For starters, the boat is equipped with various outdoor spaces, a cinema and a games room, so there's no shortage of fun on board! On arrival, all roads lead to the fine sandy beach and turquoise waters which make the "Golden Island" the perfect place to relax while your children have a dip and make sandcastles. 

At the end of the day, head to the village and try the famous Porto Santo lambecas - a typical ice cream of the island that leaves everyone coming back for more!

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