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MasterChef Sweden at The Cliff Bay hotel

The Cliff Bay hotel has played host to an episode of Masterchef Sweden !! Six contestants had as guest judge Benoît Sinthon, Chef of the Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant (2 Michelin stars), which in this 9th year has Leif Mannerström, Marcus Aujaley and Mischa Billing on the jury panel.

The ninth season of this successful cooking show is already being broadcast on Swedish TV4 since January. The program recorded in Madeira was aired this week and shows the natural beauty and delicacies of the island. The competitors visited the Mercado dos Lavradores (Market), led by Chef Benoît Sinthon, and were surprised by the variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Regarding culinary challenges . .. two took place on the island of Madeira, with the regional products and wines highlighted. The team challenge took place at The Cliff Bay Hotel and featured Benoît Sinthon as a guest jury. The Chef of the Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant, with two Michelin stars, tasted the dishes prepared by the two teams and had a vote in the choice of the winning team.
We can say that there were limpets and swordfish . .. curious ? Just click on the ‘play’ and see the program
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