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Must-try desserts at PortoBay

Desserts are created for our pleasure. They are not mere complements to a meal. The sweet flavours, the diverse textures and aromas are the indispensable finishing of this culinary art. 

No ordinary epilogue can be written about the dessert menus at the PortoBay restaurants. It must include references to its quality, freshness, brilliance and satisfaction. Each spoonful brings real happiness. It comes from flavours that melt on the tongue and stay with us, even after we get off the table. The merit, I have no doubt, comes from the talented people involved in its creation.

If you think one does not eat with our eyes, look again at these pictures and read their descriptions. Devour them mentally and then visit each of these restaurants and taste them slowly, one spoon at a time . ..

Chocolate ball with hazelnut mousse, Madeira wine parfait, passion fruit coulis and raspberry ice cream

When this dish arrives at the table, you feel, at the same time, an enormous desire and a slight shame of breaking it apart. The golden glow of the chocolate ball covers a velvety mousse. To unravel it, just break it with the spoon. The fruity raspberry ice cream on the right and the softness of the parfait on the left creates a pleasant challenge. At the intersection of these two dead-end streets, we always get the chocolate in the middle, which, as a traffic officer, sends us to each direction. On the right, we sense the fruity aroma. On the left, the tropical scent, finished with the touch of small flowers, colour, flavours and the pleasure of a glass of Madeira wine. You can try it in the Med restaurant, (Vila Porto Mare resort).

Vacherin Exotic: a passion fruit chiboust cream

Being simple, while sophisticated, is a difficult task. Only the brightest can achieve such a feat. This dessert is the best definition of sophistication and brilliance. The simple appearance hides a  refined truth: exotic and happy. A pleasant mixture which translated by our taste buds is certainly a mouth-watering experience. You can enjoy this dessert at the Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant, 2 Michelin stars (The Cliff Bay).

Delicious soft cheese curd with passion fruit pulp

Although small in appearance, this dessert leaves us completely satisfied. The richness of this local cheese flavour, its softness and cool texture along with the passion fruit pulp, offers a beautiful sensation . .. which is waiting for you in the Alfama restaurant (Vila Porto Mare resort).

Roasted pineapple with coconut ice cream

Anyone who has tried pineapple with coconut understands the success of piña coladas. These two tropical aromas make a perfect symbiosis. But in this case, the result is pushed to the limit, because not only does it combine aromas, but also textures and temperatures. The sweetness of the ice cream with the acidity of the hot pineapple improves with each passing minute as they dissolve from the dish to your mouth. Try it at Trato32 restaurant (PortoBay Marquês) !!

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

The brownie is a master at comforting the soul of a chocolate lover. The skill of cooking a brownie consists of a balance of quantities, textures and flavours. Slightly crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a divine chocolate smell. That’s the brownie at the Il Basilico restaurant (Vila Porto Mare resort).


Only good ideas can come out of the Paris-Lisboa-Funchal combination. In this dessert, Chef João Espírito Santo (Bistrô4 . PortoBay Liberdade) combines the flavour of the choux pastries with the custard tart filling and the honey cake. 
The best of each destination in one single dessert, or in one word - genius !! Harmonize with Port wine for a stopover in Northern Portugal ;)

An excellent dessert creates memories. It makes us return to eat it again and relive happy moments. Enjoy !!

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