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New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro “An emotion that must be experienced !!”

Hélida Cristina, General Manager of PortoBay Rio de Janeiro and a true native of Rio, doesn't hold back when she talks about one of the best New Year's Eve parties in the world. 

"New Year's Eve is a special day for all of us. In Rio de Janeiro, in Copacabana to be precise, we have one of the world's best fireworks shows, which is internationally renowned,” she says with pride, speaking as if she were right there on Copacabana beach at midnight on 31 December. "The beach welcomes people from all over the world, who celebrate the arrival of New Year all dressed in white. They are enraptured by this incredible spectacle, whose energy is unmatched and contagious. You only have to look at each person's expression, regardless of their culture or beliefs. The colour white, which symbolizes peace and hope, makes for a unique setting."

On this day, Hélida Cristina adds that "we are all part of the show, emanating a positive energy and a deep desire for the coming year to be full of light and peace.”

The PortoBay Rio de Janeiro hotel, right at the heart of the event, spends months getting ready for this big party. "We begin in August with the idea that every detail must be prepared with the same intensity and feeling as this party,” she says, emphasizing that "we aim to be part of the celebration, where the night's energy and magic outshine everything, providing an unforgettable memory for our guests”.

The hotel's New Year's Eve party is celebrated in three different settings. "At the La Finestra restaurant, fully decorated for the occasion, we prepare a dinner with a panoramic view overlooking Copacabana beach. On the fourth floor of the hotel, we set up a dining room with entertainment including a dance floor, DJ and samba show. All of this comes with a fantastic view of the beach and the fireworks display."

But the high point of the party occurs close to midnight on the hotel's roof on the 20th floor. The DJ gets the outdoor dance floor going, along with the samba show. At midnight, all eyes looked skyward to see the incredible display of fireworks.

Hélida Cristina has no doubt: "There are no words to describe the emotion and energy of this moment. It's something that has to be experienced !!”

Enjoy this experience at PortoBay Rio Internacional !!

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