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Over 67,000 smiles for HOPE

Purchase of equipment, improvements and enlargement of buildings, boosting social support for cancer patients, support for scientific research into cancer, food support, delivery of toys, furniture, regular therapy for children with special needs, educational activities for disadvantaged children, support for the right to health, the fight against AIDS and malnutrition. .. these are just some of the achievements of the six institutions HOPE has helped.

The PortoBay Hotels & Resorts HOPE initiative "Small Gestures Big Hopes" was created in 2012 and since then has annually allocated a grant to institutions in the areas of Portugal where the group operates.  

67,953 euros was the amount raised in the latest campaign, which ended on 30 September this year. Since its launch, HOPE has already given a total of €389,000. It is one of PortoBay's commitments under its sustainability policy, in addition to contributions from guests who leave €1 per stay/room. Thank you so much for your support! We'll continue to support these causes !!

Find out about the beneficiary institutions. ..

Cerebral Palsy Association of Madeira - APCM

This responds to young people and adults with neuromotor pathologies, giving support to about 300 users, of whom 49 are in residential care. HOPE’s contribution has already enabled them to buy communication equipment, improve accessibility to the building, expand the capacity of the Residential Home by another five beds and build a new common room. The money now delivered will be used to provide meals to residential home users over the next year.  

Madeira Regional Centre for the Portuguese League Against Cancer

This provides social support and assistance to cancer patients at all stages of the disease. With the help of HOPE, a unit was created for laryngectomized patients, and to support patients with breast cancer, through the delivery of kits with prostheses and bras. There was also social support with the supply of wigs. The money now received will support oncology research through the "Rubina Barros" scholarship. 

Albufeira Humanitarian Solidarity Association -AHSA (Algarve)

This works as bank for food, clothing and furniture, gives psychosocial support and makes visits and home deliveries. It also provides support for the elderly, with a day centre. HOPE has enabled more and better food support, delivery of toys to children, furniture, improvements and the purchase of devices to support cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation.

Child Development Support Centre (Centro de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Infantil) Lisbon

This is dedicated to the study and treatment of neuro-developmental disorders in children. HOPE provides regular and continuing therapy for children with special needs. In 2018 consultations and therapy sessions were subsidised for 125 children and young people. 

Life and Peace Community (Lisbon)

Its objective is to create and stimulate responses appropriate to the needs and potential of homeless or socially vulnerable people. The HOPE contribution made possible the creation of a new service station to allow more effective intervention among the homeless and redesign of the Reintegration Apartment in Parede. The money now available will be used to adapt a quarter of the Fátima Therapeutic Community for people with reduced mobility.

Comunidade Sant’Egidio (Lisbon)

This is an international movement of laypeople based on prayer, solidarity, ecumenism and dialogue. HOPE's contribution has made it possible to create more didactic and cultural activities for children attending Peace Schools in Portugal and Mozambique. The money now available is intended for holding lectures to address issues such as the Death Penalty, Migration, Refugees and Africa, and to support the DREAM project, a Community of Sant'Egidio programme created to fight for the right to health, the fight against AIDS and malnutrition in Africa. 

CASA - Homelessness Support Centre (Centro de Apoio ao Sem-Abrigo) Madeira

The centre does not receive financial support, but it’s with us every day !! Those who stay at the Vila Porto Mare resort or Porto Santa Maria Hotel, on Madeira, have likely seen the van with the volunteers from CASA. Every day and every night, for eleven years, around 70 meals have been gathered and taken to those who need them. We are truly proud of this partnership, which helps the homeless and needy in Funchal overcome their hardships. We are committed to giving more than 25,000 meals per year to CASA. 
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