04 May 2017 2516
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“Passion is essential to working in the hotel industry”

Ruben Leme’s interest in the hotel industry started with food. Ever since he was little he always liked venturing into his mother's kitchen to prepare recipes, so that one day he could be a chef. Time passed and his first professional experiences led him down a different path. Today he is certain he made the right choice.

The General Manager of L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo studied hospitality in the city São Paulo and later got an MBA in strategic management and business economy. He began aged 21 with a keen interest in food and drink, but one of his first professional experiences at the Casa Grande Hotel Resort & Spa in the reservations department led to a quick change of direction into the commercial department.

After several professional experiences inside and outside the country, he joined L'Hotel in 2007 in the sales department. Realising that this was the path he intended to follow, in 2012 he embraced the challenge of managing this five-star hotel, since acquired by the PortoBay group.

He has an unwavering passion for the hotel industry. "Passion is essential to working in the hotel industry. You have to really like the profession because you’ve got to work hard. What I love most is the challenge of surprising and delighting guests.”

Despite having put his chef’s career to one side, he still pursues it as a hobby when entertaining friends at home. He also takes advantage of his free time to travel, one of his other passions, to take care of his orchids or to read a good book.

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