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Sofia Vasconcelos From Madeira to Mars
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Portuguese flavours in PortoBay

Discovering Portugal through its gastronomy is one of the best ways to get acquainted to this destination. Find out some of the Portuguese delicacies in PortoBay hotel restaurants in Portugal. Enjoy !!

“Surprise Banana DOP”

This Madeiran banana dessert is a box of surprises !! It is wrapped in a white chocolate film and contains: a banana parfait, a yuzu gel for acidity, a dehydrated molasses cake, a reduction of Madeira wine (Malvasia 10 years) and a bicolour jam of banana and molasses cane - a sophisticated combination of flavours, as only Chef Benoît can create and surprise us. ..

Il Gallo d'Oro restaurant (2 Michelin Stars)
hotel The Cliff Bay (Madeira Island)
Chef Benôit Sinthon

Grilled limpets and “bolo do caco” with garlic butter

If you are in Lisbon, missing Madeira, visit Bistrô4. The traditional Madeiran limpets will be waiting for you, grilled and served in a frying pan, watered with lemon juice and garlic. Accompanying this delicacy is the island typical bread "Bolo do Caco" - a tasty sweet potato bread to remind you about the island's flavours. ..

Chef João Espírito Santo

Cod roe salad, pickled sauce and seaweed bread

In this salad, the cod eggs are cooked in a mirepoix, accompanied by a marinade sauce made with olive oil, onion, carrot, garlic and vinegar (this sauce is reduced to a creamy puree). The eggs are arranged on a slice of seaweed bread, which brings you to a more pronounced sea flavor. The dish is garnished with homemade vegetable pickles.

Chef Nuno Miguel

Madeiran traditional beef on the skewer with fried maize, fries and salad or vegetables

The Madeiran "espetada” is a classic. The flavours are simple but striking. The crispy corn in combination with the juicy beef accompanied by a simple salad or vegetables is the ideal meal for an extended family lunch.

hotel PortoBay Serra Golf (Madeira Island)
Chef Alcino Marques

Beef fillet served on a hot stone with fresh steamed vegetables and baked potatoes

Meat lovers will love this dish. It is a piece of meat (about 180 gr) simply seasoned with salt, garlic and olive oil accompanied by steamed vegetables and baked potatoes.
The cooking time is set by the customer himself to grill on a hot stone. Serve according to your preferences.

Vila Porto Mare Resort (Madeira Island)
Chef Alcino Marques

Grilled lamb fillet with mashed roast sweet potato, pickle vegetables and mild tarragon sauce

The tender lamb, simply cooked in the coals with a little salt, is the masterpiece of this dish. The famous Aljezur potatoes are cooked and reduced to a puree. The vegetables are lightly sprinkled with olive oil and garlic, accompanied by a tarragon sauce, which brings a sweeter, slightly spicy flavour. Finally, when all the flavours come together, the only thing left is the plate. ..

hotel PortoBay Falésia (Algarve)
Chef Ricardo Cabrita

Crunchy suckling pig belly, celery mousseline, glazed carrot with ginger and orange crunch

The suckling pig belly is seasoned with the traditional Bairrada sauce, which is a region of Portugal known for having the best suckling pig dish in the country !!
It is cooked at low temperature for 12h for a very soft texture and has a base of salt, pepper, garlic and lard. At serving time, the skin is toasted to a crisp texture. It's a flavourful dish that marries beautifully with orange, carrot, ginger, and an aromatic celery root puree.

Chef Nuno Miguel

Maize polenta with clams and crackling

Going to the Algarve and not tasting Ria Formosa's fresh clams is like going to Lisbon and not tasting the famous "pastéis de nata” !! Xerém or maize polenta is made with coarse cornmeal flour, cooked with the broth that is obtained from the fresh Ria Formosa clams, cooked in olive oil, garlic and white wine. After the polenta is cooked, the clams are added, sprinkled with freshly fried pork rinds and coriander, for a touch of freshness.

hotel PortoBay Falésia (Algarve)
Chef Ricardo Cabrita

The codfish that wanted to be “à brás”

There are over 100 ways to serve codfish. Bistrô4’s cod wanted to be "à Brás” style although with a twist. ..
The main differences from the traditional recipe are cream and cooked egg yolks, (unlike the traditional recipe, in which eggs are whole and raw, and not creamy). Other details include chopped olives (instead of whole olives), but it is best to try it and enjoy how it tastes.

Chef João Espírito Santo

Tuna steak marinated in fresh herbs and spices served on hot stone, freshly steamed vegetables of the day and fried maize or boiled potatoes

Similar to beef steak on the stone, this is a tuna steak marinated in fresh herbs and spices, served on a hot stone. The intense flavours of the fish are enhanced by the cooking heat. Whether well done or rare, this steak will make your mouth water. ..

Vila Porto Mare resort (Madeira Island)
Chef Alcino Marques
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