21 Jul 2016 1853

Portugues wine, portuguese identity

Portuguese wines have a real identity. They are full of aromas and varied flavours. Something for everyone, in specialised magazines, the best restaurants and in fine dining circles, Portuguese wines are increasingly an object of curiosity.

Specialists have no doubts about the unparalleled quality of these wines, which have been developed in recent years, increasing the range, developing brands and producing wine of ever increasing quality.

As well as the creative work of oenologists, the secret lies in diversity. In spite of being a small country, Portugal is a country with almost 285 native grape varieties as well as the well-known international varieties which also grow well on Portuguese soil. Some of these native varieties are very well known internationally, such as the red wines Touriga Nacional, Baga or Castelão, or the whites Alvarinho, Arinto, or Fernão Pires.

The geography is also varied. There are 15 demarcated regions, each with unique characteristics, such as the Douro which is the oldest region in the World or the Vinhos Verdes region where unique wines are produced, or even Madeira, where one of the most highly prized and well known liquors on the planet is produced.

It is the relatively small scale of production that makes Portuguese wine an objective of desire. This culture is well established in the country and is closely linked to Portugal's reputation as a country with good cuisine. Wine is an important economic activity but, above all a strong symbol of Portuguese identity.

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