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Ready for another adventure ?

It is well-known that a connection with nature brings tremendous benefits. The well-being that comes from a walk in the forest, the clean air and colours of the mountains, with no filters, can be felt immediately. Swims in the sea, sunlight and the relaxed environment of a day spent outdoors are some of the best ways to relieve stress. A visit to Madeira makes this connection with nature easy. 

The Laurissilva is a type of humid subtropical forest which is highly prolific on Madeira. Considered UNESCO World Heritage, it is 20 million years old. 

The surrounding Atlantic Ocean makes the beach pebbles shine, while mild temperatures and clear waters invite you for a refreshing swim. The mountains, peaks, valleys and "fajãs", or cliff bottom spits, are the perfect complement to this natural trilogy. 

There are a number of different ways to pursue adventure in Madeira's natural surroundings . .. Watch this video and take note of our tips:


Prepare yourself for an off-road adventure, and see the island from another perspective. Cross the Paul da Serra plateau, swim in the volcanic pools of Porto Moniz and admire the famous waterfalls. Travel to Fanal and marvel at the ancient trees of the Laurissilva forest. Take in the beautiful panoramic views from Pico do Facho, Pico do Areeiro and Eira do Serrado.


Waterways ("Levadas") and Footpaths

Experience unforgettable moments, and discover Madeira's waterways and footpaths. There are various recommended routes with varying degrees of difficulty. We recommend that you go accompanied by a mountain guide.

Discover the lagoons of Rabaçal, and hike the Levada do Risco and Levada das 25 Fontes. Go to the top of the island's highest peak (Pico Ruivo) and see the incredible spires of volcanic rock.


Photo: Francisco Correia


Experience an unforgettable day going up and down bicycle paths in a dreamlike setting. Whatever your skill level, you will find a mountain biking paradise on this island. You can do downhill/freeride mountain biking, cross-country or enduro with a professional guide.


Among the vines

The island of Madeira is known worldwide for its wine. Come and discover how Madeira grapes are cultivated, along with their story. You will learn about production processes and the different aromas of Madeira wine, from the classic fortified wine to whites, reds and rosé. Stroll through exclusive rural landscapes in Câmara de Lobos, São Vicente, Seixal and Porto Moniz. 


Atlantic Ocean

Whale watching is a very popular activity on Madeira. There's a touch of magic in these marine creatures. All year round, you can see around 28 species of whales. If conditions allow, you can swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. Snorkelling and diving are some other activities not to be missed. You can also opt for sunset walks, visits to natural reserves or free-sailing aboard a luxury yacht.


Photo: Luís Dias


If you're looking for excitement, venture into canyoning. Madeira has the ideal conditions for the sport, which takes you to descents down streams and jumping in the depths of the island. An exciting challenge in untouched nature !! 


Photo: Henrique Seruca

Mountains, sun and sea embrace the island of Madeira. They fill the horizon with a special blue light, which is reflected in the environment and state of mind: the famous "post-holiday shine” we dream about all year long…

Ready for another adventure ? - Let's go !!

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