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Fernanda Meneguetti
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Rio 40 degrees

The Wonderful City is boiling now in late summer, but we’ll give you 7 tips on how to freshen up!
1. Some 200 metres from the PortoBay Rio de Janeiro is Momo Gelato (Av. Atlântica, 1702). It doesn’t just sell ice cream - there are organic coffees, special drinks, waffles and souvenirs. But the highlight is that it offers up to 32 types of ice cream daily served in a tub or a handmade cone (which can be stuffed with cream and black Italian cherries!) It's worth tasting any of the pesticide-free fruit ones, such as açaí and graviola, as well as the very Brazilian and chocolaty brigadeiro.
2. Newly opened in Copa, the Beef Bar Escondido (R. Aires Saldanha 98) invests in good cuts for sharing – there’s prime rib, ‘bananinha’, pure kobe . .. But there is also some inspired finger food, such as canastra cheese and rabada cheese and watercress patties, kobe croquettes and Duroc pork tacos.
They offer gourmet appetisers, signatures cocktails like Virado no Jiraya (shochu, coloured salt, litchao and plum reduction) and Amaral (Bourbon, Dib's and black tea), as well as the 16 craft beers on tap. To finish off with something cold and sweet, the banana sorbet filling in a chocolate cookie is ideal !!

Photos: Thomas Rangel
3. A Rio institution since 1975, today the Sorvete Itália can be found at the beaches and in various locations throughout the south. A true and refreshing Rio icon, prepared with fresh ingredients and without preservatives. Very close to the hotel itself (Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, 147, Loja D) it is worth seeing the direction that the Rametta family's hand-crafted recipes from Sicily have taken.  Whether in the classic coconut, guava and lemon popsicles, or in scoops of tapioca or açaí and mango.
4. Near one end of Copacabana, in Arpoador, the tiled walls of the Colarinho Escondido (R. Francisco Otaviano, 30) were purpose-built for post-beach dining. Its 24 handmade beer taps will cool you down in the heat and go well with the generous portions, such as the cured meat board with cassava and curd cheese, the Milanese steak stuffed with provolone and the picanha with farofa and gravy. Oh, and from Friday to Sunday, there's feijoada, including a totally vegan version.

Photo: Rodrigo Azevedo
5. If you don’t fancy walking 45 minutes under a hot sun, then stroll the pavement towards the end of the day instead. Or get a taxi. Or a bike. Just don’t miss Vero Gelateria (Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 229), the ice cream parlour owned by Bologna-born Andrea Panzacchi. For almost a decade, this Italian has been serving creative handmade ice cream in Ipanema, respecting the seasonality of native fruits and spices.
Andrea has been a pioneer in making variations on the country's quality cocoa, such as 100% sorbet and chocolate with pepper. He also prizes forgotten fruits such as jambo, carlotinha mango and jackfruit. He champions drinks such as caipirinha and caju amigo and, although he regularly uses Brazilian nuts, he has not neglected Italian ones either, with flavours such as Sicilian pistachio and gianduia (chocolate spread).

Photos: Filico and Thomas Rangel

6. At the next beach along, with one foot in the sand, La Carioca kiosk on La Playa (at the top of Afrânio de Mello Franco, on the edge of Leblon) reveals a Peruvian influence, as witnessed by the excellent tiraditos and the 13 versions of ceviche, including shrimp with mango, passion fruit and peppers and a vegetarian one made with mushrooms, banana, mango and cashew. To quench your thirst, why not try a pisco-based cocktail like passion fruit sour or the fruit caipipisco ?
7. At Micro Bar (Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 1079, loja F), in Leblon, there is also ceviche. Here, though, it has a Rio tinge, with coconut milk and sweet potato chips. And is best accompanied by a refreshing Micro Gin, a cocktail based on the spirit mixed with tonic water, tangerine, ginger beer, Sicilian lemon juice, honey and thyme. Although the Tropical Gin Tonic, with dehydrated pineapple, guava juice, vanilla and fresh basil also makes a nice accompaniment . .. very nice !! 

Photos: Filico
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