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Sleeping like an angel

A good night of sleep is essential for your health !! Sleeping well improves your mood, increases productivity and can even influence your body weight. In PortoBay our job is to do everything in our power to make sure your sleep is even more peaceful and restful.

For this reason, we are replacing our stock of mattresses in our Portuguese and Brazil hotels. Roughly three thousand mattresses are now being brought in. The old ones, which are still in good condition, were distributed among PortoBay staff members and are being given away to welfare institutions. To PortoBay, the comfort of our guests is crucial . .. Now, we have 30cm mattresses with 5cm mattress toppers, which means a higher and more comfortable bed !!

Another contribution to a better sleep is the sober decoration of our rooms. At the The Cliff BayPortoBay Liberdade and L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo five-star hotels, bedsheets are 100% cotton and have over 300 Egyptian threads. A Pillow Menu is also available . .. you can choose to sleep with goose feather pillows, aloé vera finishings and if you are staying at the PortoBay Liberdade hotel you can even add aromas to your pillow . .. everything so you can have an even more healing rest.

We would also like to remind you of some tips so you can have a restful evening sleep . .. 

Create a welcoming environment

The room must be your refuge, sound-proofed and with adequate temperature. Turn off all devices that may speed up your brain: television, disturbing music, videogames, mobile phones, tablets . ..

Have a healthy sleep routine

Sleeping too much during the weekend or during your days off does not compensate your lack of sleep during the week, and it rather makes it more difficult to wake up on Mondays. Try to go to bed and wake up always at the same time.

Leave your problemas out of the bed

Empty your mind. Relax, read a book, or listen to quiet music, creating routines that allow you to stop thinking about your problems and break the day's stress.

Cook light meals during the evening

Cook light meals during the evening and avoid ingesting stimulants. Meals must be taken between 3 to 2 hours before sleeping.

Don't count sheep

It is a verified fact that staying awake in your bed for over 30 minutes is counter-productive. Get up, do something relaxing and only return to your bed when you feel sleepy.

Get physical exercise

It helps to control stress. However, you must avoid exercising when it is close to your bed time.

Don't go to bed hungry

Don't eat too much, but do eat something. Bananas, milk, peanuts or dates, all of these foods help to stimulate sleep and reduce anxiety.

Comfort is essential

Having good mattresses, pillows and sheets, as well as air conditioning or a heater in your bedroom, all of these are good options for getting a better rest. You may also scent your pillows with relaxing aromas.

Use relaxing techniques

Yoga and meditation or a nice bath can help you calm down and reduce stress levels.

Avoid cramps

Take calcium and magnesium supplements, which help prevent cramps.

And after all of this, we wish you good night !!

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