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PortoBay Hotels & Resorts / Photos : Rodrigo Rezende and PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

The big day has arrived !!

At L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo and PortoBay Rio Internacional we do everything to make your wedding day even more special . ..

With a view over Copacabana Beach . ..

Débora enjoys a glass of sparkling wine, in a relaxing moment before the thrill of putting on her wedding dress, meticulously chosen for this day. At PortoBay Rio Internacional we also welcome brides, mothers and bridesmaids excited about the Bride’s Day.

They arrive early and the hotel staff helps out with everything . .. including taking up the dresses, shoes and other accessories that can’t be left behind on this special day. Now that they’re ready, the photo session begins: Bossa Lounge, reception and room with that breathtaking view . ..

Many brides choose to return later to spend their wedding night at the hotel, as husband and wife. The room is decorated for the occasion : flowers, red fruits, chocolate syrup and a bottle of sparkling wine; but they also take note of special requests that the couple may have to make this day even more special.

It’s the groom’s day too !!

In addition to the brides, more and more grooms look to the PortoBay Rio Internacional hotel to prepare for the big day. They arrive in the morning and spend the day at the pool bar with friends, talking and catching some sun. In the late afternoon, they generally choose to enjoy a massage and dress themselves for the wedding ceremony.

Charm and style in São Paulo . ..

Hair arranged, skin perfectly radiant . .. Juliana poses on the staircase right in front of the 16th century Flemish tapestry. With a little touch, the mother adjusts the veil slightly. Juliana is beautiful and the long awaited day is already being perfected with the help of the team from L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo.

The bride has arrived early, accompanied by her mother, bridesmaids and with them the ‘wonder team’ behind the hairstyles and make-up, and the photographers responsible for forever registering this memorable day, the Bride’s Special Day.

In the spacious Luxury Suite, the group began with a toast of sparkling wine, but they could also have ordered champagne . .. and together they started to get ready: with a sip of sparkling wine and a great deal of laughter they did their hair and make-up . .. and they couldn’t stop an emotional tear or two when they saw the final result: Juliana, the bride !!

In veil and bouquet, Juliana had pictures taken in her room, in the lobby, by the pool, in the Japanese bath . .. and went down the hotel steps for a last snap before entering the limousine that took her to meet her future husband. They will return later and will find the room prepared down to the last detail for the wedding night: decorated with Colombian roses, candles, strawberries, Belgian truffles and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. The next day, breakfast is served in the apartment and they can even enjoy a couple massage in the spa . .. 

How about you ? Have you thought about how your wedding day will be ?

If you feel like spending it with us, here are our contact details :

PortoBay Rio Internacional . +55 (21) 2548 8040 . eventos@portobay.com.br

L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo . (11) 2183-0541 . eventosocialsp@portobay.com.br
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