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A typical façade from the early 20th century, intricate lioz stone, balconies and an indescribable light that reflects on the building . .. Plus all you need to do is walk down the street to face Avenida da Liberdade. Does it looks like a dream hotel? Welcome to the new PortoBay Liberdade !!

You may pinch yourself as much as you please. PortoBay Hotels & Resorts has arrived to the Portuguese capital in great style with PortoBay Liberdade, a boutique hotel with touches of urban resort, which fits perfectly in the enchanting set of Lisbon’s downtown.

At Rosa Araújo Street, only a few meters away from the most emblematic avenue in town, the hotel was built from scratch to preserve the historical façade of the early 20th century palaces. In order to keep its typical and original charm, the architect Frederico Valsassina was in charge of this sumptuous project. 

And following the motto of the Portuguese popular saying, "to remember is to live”, looking closely to this hotel’s façade is like taking a trip through time, where a luxurious past combines perfectly with the modern and vibrant culture that pulses inside contemporary Lisbon.

There is no light as the one in Lisbon

This contemporary feel is also clear on the wide glass windows that stand out on the top floors. Thanks to the old structure of the building, most of PortoBay Liberdade’s rooms have balconies with street view, which is not frequent in urban hotels. 

But the truth is that you really need to feel the city’s light to be able to describe it. Happiness lies on the little things and Avenida da Liberdade is one of the places where you can enjoy the incredible light that gives life to the city, starting by its historical façades and ending up in the gardens and kiosks from back in the day. 

Inside the hotel’s facilities, by the SPA, even the gym and the big interior swimming pool have natural light, as well as the patio with lounge chairs. And so you won’t miss not even one of the 260 sunny days of the Portuguese capital, you’ll find different places to enjoy them the best you can. Getting ready for a meeting, a cocktail or just to have some relaxing time for yourself, the esplanade, the patio and the terrace are everything you ever wished for . … and even more, if you can imagine.

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