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“The Porto Santa Maria is the only hotel where I've spent 3 summers !!"

Location, attentive staff and a good atmosphere are just some of the reasons for which Mr and Mrs Johansson have spent 3 summers at the Porto Santa Maria Hotel. They have already booked to come back in July . .. they want to meet up with friends and make the most of the fine weather.

Which is your favourite PortoBay hotel ?
Porto Santa Maria

How many times have you already stayed ?

What makes you come back ?
My wife loves that hotel because of the location, wonderful breakfast , super staff, the Atlantic view, the 29 degrees pool, close to everything. And when my wife says so is it so! :)

What makes this hotel special for you ?
The friendly staff, you can order everything in the reception; no kids is perfect for me now; a lot of restaurants around the corner and a brilliant restaurant in the hotel with good wines. The hotel has the perfect size, not to high and not to big. I travel a lot and Porto Santa Maria is the only hotel in the world I stayed for 3 summers!


What is you favorite place in the hotel ?
Wow . .. it depends on the weather and the time of the day. In the morning I love the restaurant, daytime in the pool, afternoon a beer in the hotel's outside bar, in the evening I listen to good music.

Do you keep any special memory about the hotel ?
I have meet so many lovely people from different countries, and we still have contact, a wonderfull winetasting, the crew, the positive atmosphere in the hotel. I have nerver heard any bad words or  saw angry people there . .. 

. .. and about the destination ? What would you like to highlight ?

Hmmmm . .. I like the Cable up to the high Point over the hotel, the cablestation is very close to the hotel. And of course one day with taxi arond in the countryside. I let the reception staff order taxi so I feel save!


3 places not to be missed in the city ?
The local market, the cable and one trip with the Yellow/Red busses are 3 good things.


3 cultural characteristics that you find interesting ?
The dance, the wine and the wonderful people !! 

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