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The year in review

We've said goodbye to 2017, but we can't forget all of the fantastic things it brought us. Come look back on 2017 with us . .. we guarantee that 2018 will be (at the very least) just as unforgettable !!

1. We improved the advantages for members of the PortoBay Prestige family

Since the start of the year, PortoBay Prestige members have had a 10% (5%) discount on accommodation rates at www.portobay.com and PortoBay Prestige Gold members have benefited from a 15% (10%) discount. This is our way of bringing us even closer together !!

We remodelled to provide even more comfort

We have renovated the rooms of the Porto Santa Maria and Eden Mar hotels, as well as the Il Basilico restaurant on the island of Madeira.

3. We announced a new five-star hotel

Les Suites at The Cliff Bay is being constructed to the north-east of the iconic The Cliff Bay, next to the Estrada Monumental, between two restored colonial-style houses, both dating from the early 20th century. This highly sustainable project will be one of PortoBay's benchmarks. 

4. We added ‘PortoBay’

Over the last few years, we have done a slight re-branding by simplifying our name to PortoBay Hotels & Resorts. Now when you’re searching for us, remember to write ‘PortoBay’ as one word.

5. We received 102 awards and certifications

TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, TUI, British Airways Holidays, Thomas Cook, Trivago . .. over the year, our hotels have been distinguished by tour operators and travel reviewers worldwide, using feedback from our guests. This is a tremendous motivation for all of us. Thank you !!

6. Our loyalty club grew

We welcomed 37,844 new members to the PortoBay Prestige family. This type of growth happens year after year, where we are truly pleased to see our guests' preference for PortoBay hotels. This year, 38% of bookings were made by repeat guests (46% on Madeira!!). 

7. We held 36 PortoBay events

Lisbon, the Algarve, Madeira, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Búzios . .. over the year, we offered 36 events at our hotels for you to feel and experience everything happening at the destinations where we are found.

8. We celebrated 10 years with stars in the Michelin Guide

The Il Gallo d’Oro restaurant has been in the Michelin Guide for 10 years, and was again awarded, for the second time running, two Michelin stars.

9. We created a new team dynamic : "Sou PortoBay" (I Am PortoBay)

The PortoBay family is now even more united !! We created the "Sou PortoBay" (I Am PortoBay) concept so that all members of the team can communicate between themselves, reflecting the pride of belonging to PortoBay !! 

10. We raised €62,975 through HOPE

The fund-raising campaign ran for 12 months at all of the PortoBay Group's hotels in Portugal, resulting from a combined initial deposit from the group, to which contributions from guests were then added. The donations were handed over to the six beneficiary institutions on Madeira, in the Algarve and in Lisbon. Since this PortoBay project's launch in 2012, HOPE has already raised €257,000.

11. We told 44 stories

Tips, suggestions, secrets . .. at the blog www.inportobay.com, you can learn about the destinations where we are found. Stay tuned... this year we will keep helping you discover Madeira, Lisbon, the Algarve, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Búzios.

12. We have more and more followers in social networks . .. and visitors to our websites

In 2017, our websites got 1,211,273 visits !! We also grew in social networks !! We have more than 65,000 fans on our Facebook pages, and more than 17,000 followers on our Instagram pages. We also answered 1,600 messages from guests on Messenger !! Are you following us ?

13. We care about your opinion

We are in a process of continuous improvement. We followed more than 10,000 testimonials about our hotels in online reviews, and conducted more than 18,000 feedback questionnaires for guests during their stay.

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