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A different theme every night !!

Wether you are in Portugal or Brazil, we have a lot of different suggestions that feature the local cuisine . .. Just bring your appetite and good mood and leave the rest to us . .. In the end, we just want to see your big, big smile !!

At Madeira . ..

At The Cliff Bay, we have a themed buffet every night ready to be served at The Rose Garden restaurant . ..

If you go to our Michelin star restaurant, Il Gallo d’Oro, we have a memorable and unforgettable dinner called Dinner Dance once a week . .. However, when it gets warmer, the restaurant passes the baton to The Blue Lagoon’s esplanade, which is at sea level, for a true tribute to the tasty fish of the area !!

There is also a themed buffet every day at Porto Santa Maria, but we have a little treat every week — Gourmet Flavours, where the Chef let’s his imagination run wild and surprises every one with his food creations !! And since Summer rhymes with barbecue, we invite our guests, every week, to join us on the terrace by the pool . .. Oh, and live music is a must, of course !!

The Vila Porto Mare, with its four different restaurants, has suggestions that suit all tastes . .. If you can’t go without meat, we have the Meat Lovers night where the best regional meats that are cured right in the kitchen of the hotel are served . .. If you prefer the flavours of the sea and the freshly caught fish of the Atlantic, the Sea Flavours & Fado night is the right choice — not only do you satisfy your appetite, but you can also enjoy one of the greatest symbols of Portugal and already considered World Heritage. ..

You know that pink piece of clothing that you have in your closet ?? It is time to put it on and dress up for the Pink Party that’s held outdoors !! Do you also know what’s held outdoors ?? The night dedicated to Barbecue every Wednesday night — can you imagine yourself eating a grilled skewered right by the pool ??

At the Algarve . ..

You will hear Brazilian music !! During Summer, you better brush up on your samba skills because at PortoBay Falésia, once a week, there’s a themed dinner with a view to the red cliffs !! 

On the other side of the Atlantic . ..

At PortoBay Rio Internacional you will lose your mind over the amazing flavours that the Marvellous City has to offer . .. On the last Thursdays of each month, there’s the Botequim, a true Brazilian experience where the traditional "chope” (beer), bean stew and cassava are kings, but and many other things to nibble are available !!

If you are feeling like eating a soup to warm your stomach and your soul, L’Hotel has the spoons ready — until August 1st you can attend the Soup Festival . .. What’s your favourite one ?? 

With the help of Lisbon’s light . ..

If you absolutely love jazz, blues, Brazilian music or tangos, PortoBay Liberdade has the Sons de Liberdade to make your late Saturdays afternoons more musical . .. And the delicious food can’t be missed either, so please join us at Bistrô4 afterwards !!

So, have we managed to convince you to take part in one of our themed nights ?? If someone has already been to one, please share your comments with us !! 

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