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“This is the place for every chocolate addict”

Admitting that he loves chocolate and that his passion grows every time he creates a candy with its own hands, Tony Brown creates at his own place, about 12 different chocolate flavours, from white chocolate to salty caramel, lemon, orange, raspberry and even strawberry shake !!

It was on one of PortoBay’s Chocolate & Madeira Wine events that he felt his curiosity being aroused. He accepted the challenge and as soon as he went back home, he started to make his own chocolate !! Now he’s the owner of he produces "Tony’s Handmade Chocolates”, and usually gives them to friends and family. 

He has visited the island about 20 times, but he never gets tired of going there.  In fact, it’s to get some rest that he comes back, twice a year, always in the same time of the year: in January and around his birthday, in October.

He has stayed at the Cliff Bay 19 times: "I see it as a hotel with a traditional sense of style, everything here is great . .. the gardens, the view and particulary the staff that act who are like they were part of my family.”

It was during one of those visits that he participated on one of the workshops that were part of Chocolate & Madeira Wine event, one of the events of PortoBay’s calendar. Curious by nature, Tony Brown creates his own chocolate at home. Confessing that he still has a lot of techniques to improve on, he’s capable of creating chocolate of different shapes and sizes with only two years of practice !!

This year the PortoBay calendar has meant Tony was only here for one day of Chocolate Week, so he won’t be able to attend this year’s event. But he still left us his testimonial !!

Tony Brown and “The Chocolate Factory”

"Do you like chocolate? I certainly do, so it was a great delight to find myself staying at the renowned Cliff Bay hotel in Madeira when they held their Chocolate Week.

For any chocoholic this is the place to be when the hotels chocolatiers show their skills with displays around the hotel of anything that can be made out of chocolate, from wonderful art displays in the foyer, to imaginary sea creatures from chocolate eggs to the legendary dodo.

During the week the chefs take time to share their skills with the hotel guests giving demonstrations in all things chocolate. I was fortunate enough to attend one demonstration on how to make handmade chocolates. 

Having a great love of chocolates I found myself staying after the demonstration to speak to the chef further about making chocolates and found him only too delighted to share his knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. 

On returning home I decided to try for myself the knowledge I had gleaned, I don't pretend it's so easy but with the help of the Internet and the things I learnt at the Cliff Bay I am now able to make a box of handmade chocolates that look and taste good enough to present as gifts.

So credit to The Cliff Bay Hotel and its staff for awakening in me a skill I never knew I had.”

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