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Vila Porto Mare Gardens

The garden of the Vila Porto Mare resort is like 13.400 square metres of true Eden in the middle of the Atlantic !!

In the island of Madeira, Vila Porto Mare is the greenest of PortoBay’s hotels and resorts and its spaces dedicated to nature, trees, flowers and aromatic plants are the perfect calling card for those who come to the hotel for the very first time.

Since the resort opened, over 500 species and sub-species of breeding plants live together in this seaside garden. They come from distant places such as Australia, Central and South America, Africa and tropical Asia. The green colour of the leaves show us how well they have all adapted to Madeira’s climate and the constant contact with the fresh ocean breeze surrounding the island.

Smells, colours and flavours . ..

If you’re coming to Vila Porto Maré for the first time, you may have the feeling that you’re entering inside some old English colonial garden, with a strong presence of tropical and sub-tropical flora.

Most of the plants grow healthy thanks to this kind of climate, the Madeiran soil's amazing fertility and the attention of our gardening team that takes care of the garden with love. Because of that, flowers and trees live together in harmony, all of them identified with by their origin, family, region and common name.

Banana trees, sugar cane, grapevines, custard apples, Spanish palm trees avocado pear and star fruit: the smell is soft and pleasant; the colours are surprising and keep up with the seasons of the year that pass by our plants.

As the years went by, we planted more and more aromatic plants, vegetables and medicinal herbs in order to continue surprising and pleasing our guests with new smells and flavours that are mixed on the dishes and snacks served at the restaurants and bars: Atlântica, Il Basilico, Med and Alfama.

During your walk around our gardens, you must see our corner full with aromatic and medicinal plants and our cherished "Orchids Corner”, dedicated to this flowers' many varieties.

. .. and the charming sound of the birds

But our garden does not live from smells and flavours alone: in the most tropical area, there is a small breathing forest that is a natural habitat for blackbirds, sparrows and colourful canaries that sing to our guests all year long, surprising everyone with Nature’s fascinating tones.

An ecological and sustainable paradise

Taking care of a paradise this big can be a real ecological challenge, but Vila Porto Mare’s gardening team is careful enough to promote a 100% sustainable maintenance: irrigation of our gardens is carried out with water from "Levada dos Piornais”, a local canal.

When it comes to the soil’s fertilization process, our team uses coffee beans, egg shells, pieces of fruit and vegetables —  reducing our reliance on chemical fertilisers that affect the quality of the soil. On this Garden of Eden, nature always deserves the best !!

Every week we have guided tours to our garden so you can find out all its secrets and hidden places. Don’t miss the chance of walking among hundreds of species with the sound of the birds singing just for you . .. And yes, this dream garden really does exist at Vila Porto Mare.

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