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"We are always given a warm friendly welcome"

Pat Swift and her husband Will swapped the English winter days for a stay at the Suite Hotel Eden Mar, in January. The memories are so many !! Including a musical performance that led them to learn how to dance. ..

Which is your favourite PortoBay hotel?
Suite Hotel Eden Mar.

How many times have you already stayed ?
Eden Mar 8, Cliff Bay 1

What makes you come back ?
We are always given a warm friendly welcome. Food, service and other facilities are consistently excellent. Comfortable clean rooms, well equipped, magnificent views from balconies and beautiful extensive gardens. Total relaxation!!

Do you usually travel alone or accompanied ? with whom ?
With my husband.

What makes this hotel special for you ?
We love to see the same genuinely friendly staff each time we visit, they are all so friendly and helpful, obviously happy, enjoying their jobs and taking a pride in everything they do.

What is your favorite place in the hotel ?
It is wonderful to wander in the gardens, my favourite spot is by the herb garden, it's lovely to stay awhile on a sunbed with the scent of herbs wafting on warm gentle breeze . .. Also we enjoy a late-night cocktail and dance in the Portofino bar !!

Do you keep any special memory about the hotel ?

We often had evening drinks in the Portofino bar where people were dancing to live music, ballroom and Latin American. We looked on enviously as we were unable to dance. One evening 5 years ago we sat there watching Duo Harmonia and the dancers, and realised how much we would like to join in so we decided to have lessons as soon as we came home.
It was the best thing we ever did.... dance has opened a whole new world for us. We now dance every week, have met many new friends, also it is good exercise for the body and the brain.We have fond memories of that life-changing moment when we were inspired by Duo Harmonia, thank you . ..

. .. and about the destination ? What would you like to highlight ?
Great climate (We originally chose this destination for a wedding anniversary holiday January/February as it is the shortest flight, warmest climate. Wonderful to leave fog frost snow and dark days of England and arrive in the sunshine, warmth and flowers of Madeira);
Great levada walking;
Friendly people;
Good public transport.

3 places not to be missed in the city ?
Farmers market (Mercado dos Lavradores)
Cable car to Monte
Exploring the Old Town

3 cultural characteristics that you find interesting ?
Fado music and dancing
Carnivals and special festivals
Madeiran people's pride in their traditional crafts

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