14 Apr 2016 700
A year ago we got on board this adventure to "extend” IN PortoBay magazine to a digital version with a weekly dynamic, and with the same commitment: involve our guests into the world of PortoBay hotels and destinations.

A year has passed and the results couldn't be more positive!

65 thousand people, from the 4 corners of the world, visited the blog. We published 60 posts in Portuguese and English, showing the best that the PortoBay Group and its destinations have to offer.

It was a year of events, tips and dishes that piqued the interest of our clients. One year of experiences, moments, trips and guides of the best there is to see and feel. One year in your company!!

That’s only the beginning, a sample of what is to come.

Here, we’ll continue to show you amazing things and give you even more reasons to visit us. We’re going to invest even more on tips from the people that live in PortoBay destinations and we will count with the collaboration of several bloggers too.  And because the experiences of our guests are so special, we will also share them here. So, stay tuned!!

And you? Did you enjoyed this first year? Is there any topic you would like to read here? Send your suggestions to in@portobay.pt.

See you next week...
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