11 May 2017 2329
PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

We have harvested almost 10,000 kilos from the PortoBay Garden !!

Vegetables, herbs and even the first fruit . .. the PortoBay Garden has grown, and a year after the first planting we have already picked nearly 10,000 kilos of produce which is headed straight to the PortoBay hotel kitchens in Madeira.

Chives, basil, parsley, aromatic flowers, baby vegetables, carrots, various types of cabbage, peas, leeks, lettuce, pumpkin, peppers, broad beans, spinach . .. and even guavas and cherries !! The list of crops produced here has grown and been adjusted to consumption needs at our hotels.

For the Central Kitchen, located at the Vila Porto Mare resort and supplying various hotels in Madeira, there are different varieties of lettuce, turnips and peppers . .. the Cliff Bay receives more specific produce such as baby vegetables, flowers and herbs used particularly at Il Gallo d'Oro (2 Michelin stars), but also vegetables used in the staff cafeteria, especially for the soups of the day.

The success of this project is due to the work and dedication of PortoBay group employees. For us, concern for environment is a constant.  We have adopted a sustainability policy with a clear investment in energy efficiency, recycling, reduction of water consumption and maintenance of public green spaces.

Small gardens are growing at our hotels . ..

Fruit from the garden, which grows vigorously on a plot in the higher part of Funchal, has ‘sowed the seed’ for other small gardens and herb borders at various group hotels. Leek, tomato, lettuce, sweet potatoes and even grapes . .. the produce grown varies depending on the time of year.

Stay tuned !! This Garden still has many fruits to bear !! 

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