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A Christmas away from home is certainly a different experience . .. Our guests have some good arguments for choosing to spend Christmas at PortoBay hotels !!
Come and find out about them and maybe next year it’ll be you checking in to the magical world of a PortoBay Christmas . ..

They feel cherished, well looked-after and they meet up with old friends . .. they feel at home !! Mary Gray has lost count of the number of times she has stayed at PortoBay hotels; ‘it must be around 25.’ But she is in no doubt about what makes her spend Christmas with us: ‘it’s my second home and the staff are like family and friends to me.’ Her favourite hotel is The Cliff Bay and during the festive season in Madeira she fondly recalls the city tours of Funchal with their ‘amazing decorations, and visiting the Farmers’ Market stalls’. Christmas vacation memories also include the ‘fantastic’ fireworks show on New Year's Eve ‘with cruise ships in the port of Funchal as a backdrop.’

She will be spending Christmas with us for the third time, and has already made plans for her stay: ‘meeting up with other regular guests, I hope to enjoy the sun. I love the Christmas Eve Choir and the gala dinners.’

D.R. Hill also has no doubts: every Christmas he has spent with PortoBay ‘was memorable!’ He usually stays at the Hotel Porto Santa Maria because he likes the staff and the choice of dining.

‘Pure bliss! I feel at home and very welcome by both the hotel staff and other guests.’ These are the reasons that Ken Collins spends Christmas at the Hotel Porto Santa Maria. Among the Christmas traditions in Madeira he enjoys the children's choirs who sing traditional seasonal songs in the streets of Funchal. But he also likes the activities programme offered by the hotel.

Graham Parker Lowe agrees. He likes the Christmas and New Year festivities in Madeira, but his favourite activities are relaxing at the bar and in the spa at the Porto Santa Maria hotel !!

We'll see you this Christmas !!

Here are the Christmas activities we are offering for Madeira, Lisbon, the Algarve, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Búzios . ..

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