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WOW!! 6 unforgettable massages at a PortoBay SPA

Taking care of our bodies and minds is one of the best tricks to relax and rejuvenate. Being touched in the right spots with technique, comfort and massaged with the ideal level of pressure, brings immediate benefits, both physiological and psychological.

PortoBay SPAs are led by specialised technicians who combine knowledge and professionalism with the excellent hospitality that characterises the PortoBay brand. The quality of the products used, the peaceful environment, the aromas, the candles and all the ritual involved in these massages is special.

We reveal six unforgettable massages in a PortoBay SPA:

1. Spa at PortoBay Liberdade (Lisbon)

Lisbon has thousands of reasons why it deserves a visit, one of them is pure pleasure - 120 minutes of a "switch-off" massage in the Spa of the Hotel PortoBay Liberdade.

Well-being begins with a gentle foot massage in a warm bath. After moving to the massage bed with aromatherapy cushions, the whole body is massaged with slow, deep and adequate movements. A short 15-minute "siesta" follows, muffled in a soft duvet. When you wake up with the dim and distant sound of tingsha bells, you will feel fresh and renewed !!

Blu Spa at PortoBay Falésia (Algarve)

Arriving at PortoBay Falesia is like washing your soul because when we lay our eyes on this Falésia cliff, we feel like walking on the beach.

This next massage also takes you on a trip to the marine DNA. Its name is Ritual Oligomer Spa, the Blu Spa brand. An oligomer is concentrated seawater that contains 104 trace elements essential to the balance and vitality of the body.

The ritual begins with a marine exfoliation, with the peculiarity that this does not require passage through the shower. After that, you receive a muscle relaxation massage with an oligomer oil, which remineralises the body and invigorates the energies. We end up with a massive sense of well-being.

3. Spa at Vila Porto Mare (Madeira)

During my stay at Vila Porto Mare, I had the opportunity to try the "ESPA" brand treatment with 99% natural products - Back, Face and Scalp treatment.

For those of you who spend many hours sitting at the computer, three key areas are always tenser back, face and scalp. The Spa at Vila Porto Mare has a cosy atmosphere, decorated in earthy colours and perfumed with soothing smells. It has a glazed relaxing room that overlooks the indoor pool and waterfall, which gently falls.

This 30-minute massage is very gentle on the scalp and includes exfoliation and facial massage. The back massage touches us at the most critical pressure points, and stress quickly disappears.

4. Spa at PortoBay Rio Internacional

One disadvantage of traveling to other continents is changing the time zone. The PortoBay Rio Internacional Hotel helps you smooth this transition through a massage against jetlag !!

When you arrive at the Hotel PortoBay Rio Internacional, you can book a back and legs massage to oxygenate your body. When visiting the SPA, you also have access to the swimming pool, the sauna, the gym and the bar.

Enjoy the hotel's beach services and refresh yourself with a caipirinha on Copacabana Beach. Get into the carioca rhythm without jetlag !!

5. Spa at L’Hotel PortoBay São Paulo

São Paulo is vibration and culture. It has more than 9000 shops at its disposal, about 100 thousand streets decorated with urban art, bohemian neighbourhoods, museums and impressive buildings.

During your stay in São Paulo, you will appreciate a small break to recharge your batteries. Experience Day Spa Experience at the exquisite Spa at L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo, just 50 meters from Avenida Paulista.

This experience includes various treatments throughout the day, such as classic massage, lymphatic drainage, facial hydration and soaking baths with relaxing oils. It also allows access to the gym, sauna and indoor heated pool. It also includes the following meals: buffet breakfast in the Trebbiano restaurant and a special light lunch.

6. PortoBay Búzios

When you get to PortoBay Búzios, the routine and the worries disappear. This peninsula is a paradise for beach lovers, with excellent restaurants, art galleries and nightlife.

For total relaxation, try the reflexology massage in the open air, while listening to the sound of the sea . .. Based on a technique of natural medicine, its purpose is to unblock energies relieving pain and emotional distress. The outdoor spa allows you to breathe in the sea breeze and its natural essences.
Make an appointment with your body and take one (or more) massages at a PortoBay SPA. You will float, relax and certainly recognize that there are massages that should be on the Wonders of the World list !!
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