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All hotels in Portugal certified by SGS

World leader in inspection, verification, tests and certification, SGS has certified all seven PortoBay hotels on the island of Madeira as having ‘Good Practices in SARS-CoV-2 biological risk management’. At the group’s other hotels in Portugal, namely Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve, the SGS "Disinfection Monitored” assessment was carried out with a view to ensuring proper safety, cleanliness and disinfection.

Stronger protocols

In response to the current pandemic, PortoBay has developed the health and safety protocol "Together We Care”, which combines rigour with the Group’s main mission: to provide our guests with a memorable experience.

Investing in the digital

Online check-in, digital menus and invoices, express check-out, contactless payment and WhatsApp service during your stay . .. are just some of the measures implemented under the "Together We Care” protocol, to provide you with greater comfort and safety. There is also a more traditional alternative and a team always ready in support!

Stay longer with us

Comfort, calm, mild climate . .. PortoBay hotels in Madeira and in the Algarve can be your second home! Imagine being on holiday, but with more time and more benefits. .. or a retreat so you can work and still enjoy the milder climate in total comfort and tranquillity . .. See our offers for long stays on the island of Madeira and in the Algarve!

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