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São Paulo : a city filled with life, culture and movement !!

The cultural frenzy of the most cosmopolitan city in South America is all around. In fashion, the financial district, in the pulse of this impressive city, in the cuisine, culture, glamour, the classic and modern, the architecture, in the elegance and the style . . Come discover this city, where you can find L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo !!


Even with its hustle and bustle, Avenida Paulista allows contact with nature: the Trianon or Mário Covas parks. For those who prefer to immerse themselves in culture, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art, the Casa das Rosas, dedicated to poetry or see exhibitions at the Itaú Cultural Institute. If your idea is to have fun and thrills, then your best bets are the Gazeta and Renaissance theatres, in Alameda Santos. For shopping, we suggest the shopping centres Center 3 and Pátio Paulista, not forgetting the various shops spread out along the avenue.


From the most refined (like Iguatemi JK or Cidade Jardim Shopping Centre) to the most popular ones (such as the Ibirapuera or Eldorado Mall), shopping centres are a complete day out in themselves, with excellent food courts, cinemas, theatres, fitness clubs, shows, attractions for kids and exhibition spaces. 
If you prefer, you can visit bazaars and fairs as an alternative to the shopping centres. 
There are also 59 specialised high streets offering everything from simple pots and pans like in Rua 25 Março to the stylish designer products of Rua Óscar Freire.


Nowadays it is a meeting point for São Paulo residents and a must-see spot for foreign tourists! The main restaurants offer something from every part of the world on their stalls, with ingredients of all kinds, fine and rare. Lobsters are to be found next to the cured hams and fine cheeses, the famous mortadella sausage sandwiches and the cod cakes.
The market building, in an eclectic style, was built between 1928 and 1933. Inside, the wonderful stained glass windows show various foodstuffs. An underground car park was recently built to make access easier for visitors. The market is in Rua da Cantareira, 306, next to Rua 25 de Março and Dom Pedro II Park.


Ibirapuera Park was created for the city’s 400th anniversary and covers about 158 hectares !!
It has icons such as the Obelisk, the lake with its dancing fountains and the Monument to the Flags. It is much sought after for walking, playing sports or enjoying nature.
Visiting the park's Christmas tree is a seasonal must !!


São Paulo houses more than 88 museums, which makes it a centre for world art. It owns unique masterpieces, produced by great masters of painting, sculpture, photography and all the arts and movements imaginable.
Highlights include the Museum of Modern Art (MAM), designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Pinacoteca do Estado, the Ipiranga Museum, the Sacred Art Museum, LasarSegall, the Maria Luiza and Oscar Americano Foundation, the Portuguese Language Museum, the Museum of Image and Sound - MIS and the gem of São Paulo, the MASP.


Those travelling with children will be pleased to know that the city of São Paulo has some fun theme parks for the whole family!! Some of the best known are the Monica Park and the Family Playcenter.
The Mónica Park enchants parents and children. It is in SP Market Shopping Centre and has many attractions and rides for young children.
Still very close to São Paulo, Hopi Hari and Wet'n'Wild offer guaranteed fun!! Hopi Hari was renovated in 2018 and features a variety of rides, shows and restaurants with different types of cuisine - a good choice for a fun day out with children.


Try German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Australian, Scandinavian, Egyptian, Arab, Jewish, Moroccan, Lebanese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese, Mexican or Argentinian restaurants. 
Not to mention Brazilian cuisine in its various forms: gaucho, caipira, mining, north-eastern, coastal and others . .. 
At the Trebbiano Ristorante in L'Hotel PortoBay São Paulo, we have a special Japanese breakfast service - Gohan, Mis-soshiru, Yakizakana, Otchá, Tsukemono, Tofu, Umeboshi, Natto, Tamagoyaki, Furikake, Shoyu and Oshibori at your disposal, as well as Mediterranean cuisine combined with excellent wines, in a romantic and cozy atmosphere.
With so many flavours and sensations in São Paulo, it is possible to enjoy a different dish every day of the year!!


This neighbourhood has been well known as the bohemian hangout of São Paulo since the beginning of the 1970s, when students began living in this area because of its closeness to São Paulo University.
Today, Vila Madalena is home to a large number of studios, exhibition centres, alternative shops, music schools and theatres. The residents' association organises fairs to give exposure to the neighbourhood's artistic talents in an annual festival called "Feira da Vila" - with shows and handicraft studios.
Once a month, the shops and studios bring all their products onto the street and take visitors for free around the most interesting parts of the neighbourhood.
Learn more tips here . ..
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